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Hopes and Dreams
"It's pitch-black, and absolutely no sound resonates around you, but once you recover your lost vision, a small white-pelted child is seen, turning his back to you.

Shivering, he struggles to get back up on his feet. When he finally snaps back into reality, he turns to you, inspects you, and greets you with his biggest smile.

Joy is shared between the two of you, and the innocence emanating from his face soothes you and reminds you of a beloved and lost figure. "Howdy ! " It's me... Your best friend !" Said the child running towards you, as you notice that no sounds are heard from his footsteps.

Your surroundings become more and more eerie as a pair of eyes as cold as the night appear behind his back.

A monstrous figure is approaching. The small child slowly withers away into the darkness to reveal a nightmare coming out of the shadows. In a second, you will face him, weighted down by fear and with tears in your eyes, as your were only brought here by your determination.

From there, the only think you can do is wish that everything will live on, hope, and dream."
Mortal Kombat - SCORPION
The fire ninja, the "Shirai Ryu" clan's ghost looking to avenge his wife and his child has come!
One of the most iconic character of that combat game, I mean "Kombat"!
If you like it, please leave a like, a comment and follow!
Here we are, at the point of no return.
I was going to carve my action into history forever What else could I do?
Forgive her and wander in the streets?
Maybe that's what a sane person would do
I do not want to be that person anymore.
And while I saw her panic in the flames, her flesh melting in the fire of my revenge. 
I almost thought I heard the voice of my brother thanking me

Nous y voilà, le point de non retour. 
Celui où j'allais à jamais graver mon action dans le marbre.
Que pouvais-je faire d'autre ? Lui pardonner et errer à jamais dans les rues en me lamentant ?
C'est peut-être ce que quelqu'un de censé aurait fait.
Je ne veux plus être ce quelqu'un.
Et alors que je la voyais paniquer dans le feu en hurlant, sa chaire fondant dans les flammes de ma vengeance.
J'ai cru entendre la voix de mon frère me remercier.

Try to teach her

Try to teach her Listen buddy,

do you really think I have fun drawing that ? It pisses me off to see so many people being like dogs when they see a little girl half naked. (And I’m talking about TRUE little girl, not animweaboomagicalolipop.) 

 So many jerks flirting with minors on the internet, it disgusts me, YOU disgusts me !

Come on, try to teach her. Tell her that you feel bad about yourself , tell her you need love. You think she’s naive like others children you’ve already broken to get nude on instagram?

 Pauvre merde, when you’ll be down with your skull cut in half like every parts of your fat and ugly body, your head shaved with a knife and every swearword you deserve tagged on your skin. The police will come and put you in jail like the outcast you are. Your last words will be : Of fck i’ll be fcked by a f*cking unicorn of 10yo




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