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Ameno (Naruto): Beautiful Lifeguard (Full-Ver)

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Since her drawing skills has improved in the past two years, I had decided to commission AlisaPosmashnaya to draw Ameno, the lovely brunette medical kunoichi seen in the anime-filler arc "In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths", which shows how Naruto's peers got promoted to Chuunin during the Suna Chuunin Exams. Ameno is a quite a medic, so I thought she would make a great lifeguard, thus I asked Alisa to draw Ameno in the sexy one-piece lifeguard swimsuit seen in "Baywatch". The result is the great art showing the Suna kunoichi looking hot in a red lifeguard swmsuit. Wow! :D

So yes, this scene, of the lovely Ameno as a lifeguard, is a commission done for me by the talented :iconalisaposmashnaya:! :)

Oh, by the way, I actually think that it is possible for Suna shinobi to be hired as lifegurads at times. Wind Country does have a coast, and I can imagine they would have some nice beaches for people to visit. Given she's a medic, Ameno could volunteer at times to be a lifeguard. After all, who wouldn't want to spend some time at the beach? ;)

Now this might be unusual, but what I had posted is indeed the *full-version*. Why? Well, Alisa is the one who had posted the bigger crop version in her gallery, much to my surprise, but I shrugged, thinking that if she wants to post a higher-res crop version, i can post the lower-res full-version.  So if anyone wants to see the bigger, crop version, check it out at AlisaPosmashnaya's gallery by clicking on the thumbnail below. :)

Ameno Commission by AlisaPosmashnaya

So there you have it! The gorgeous Ameno looking hot in a lifeguard's swimsuit! I wouldn't mind being *saved* by her. :D

Ameno (c) Kishimoto

Art done by AlisaPosmashnaya
Commissioned art own by JuPMod


WARNING! - This art is a commission done for me. NO ONE is allowed to copy, edit, and/or repost/redistribute this art in any way, anywhere. This includes the art on AlisaPosmashnaya's dA page. Only AlisaPosmashnaya and I can do what we please with this art. Please respect our wishes.
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Time to be saved Horny remake

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sentinelah7Hobbyist Digital Artist

dori me

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Gorgeously sexy and bouncy

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Indeed! :D

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L-MASTERHobbyist Artist

Wonderful :D

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I think you’re on to something cause Ameno used water jutsu in the shape of jellyfish to aid patients.

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Hey! Another reason why she would make a great lifeguard! Knuckles thumbsup

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asundinen12Hobbyist Traditional Artist

amazing art, how long have you been drawing?

mind checking my art like or comment ? ;D

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