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Seeking Colorist

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 31, 2018, 4:08 AM
Hi all! :wave:

As all of you may have noticed, my latest NaruTen commission, done by ajinda, is in black & white ( NaruTen: A Loving Stroll Together (FullVer) ) and I did say I might get it colored one day. Yet given how lovely the art came out, I feel to get it colored sooner rather than later. It's just that I do not know of any good colorists out there. The ones I do know are no longer active on DeviantArt, thus once again, I'm in need of a colorist. 

So anyone knows of a good colorist? The person have to know pretty much everything, from coloring, shading, adding details, etc. Below are examples of a coloring job done for me by BananaWork. She done a great job with this coloring, thus this is type of coloring job I am seeking.

NaruTemaTen: Ladies' Man (Colored Ver) by JuPMod  Commish - Naruto 3-Way by BananaWork

So if you recommend someone who is a good colorist, let me know in the comments below. I'll check the person out. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me here. :)

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It happened again! Some nitwit reported my Naruto x Kushina art as 'mature content'! WTF?! I do not know who is doing this but that person is a moron to think this is mature content when it shows the characters in swimsuits, and Naruto is just hugging his mother.  Baka! :shakefist:

I'm ignoring this. The DA Staff told me I can choose to ignore it, and when I asked if they will remove it, they say they will look at it and see it is warrant the need for the 'mature content' tag. I hope they will see quite clearly that this art does not need the 'mature content' tag. If they do remove it, I'll be giving them Hell, for how can anyone see this art as 'mature content'? 

NaruKushina-maturecontenttag by JuPMod
Say what? Why should one of my art be reported as 'mature content' when there is no 'mature content' in it? Someone reported my Naruto & Kushina art as 'mature content' despite that the art shows them in swimsuits and he is just hugging her. This is silly and stupid. It is why I have to repost the art given I know very well, it does *not* contain any mature content in it. :(

Eh-WhyMatureContent by JuPMod


United States
I'd created this using Photoshop. Pretty simple to do with using a screen-shot and text. :)

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Favourite cartoon character: Kim Possible (I love strong redhead women!), Ron Stoppable, Naruto, Sakura, Tenten, and Temari. :)
Personal Quote: Friendship and love are stronger than hatred and fear.

JuPMod's Blogspot blog -
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Naruto Harem Swimsuits Theme and Naruto Harem Evening Wear Theme

:bulletorange: For all you newcomers to my page, a few years ago, I had started an interesting Naruto harem theme. All the girls are wearing orange & black colored scheme swimsuits to match the colors of Naruto's Shippuuden outfit. Yet each girl wears an unique design swimsuit that only that girl wears. :)

Below are some examples. :)

NaruTemaTen: Water Fight! (Full-Version) by JuPMod NHS theme 02: Mei, Konan, Tsunade by JuPMod

NaruSasame: Fun Pool Dip Together by JuPMod NaruKoyuki: Affection for Her Hero (Close-up) by JuPMod

To read more about this theme and see more art related to the theme, check out my two journals. :)

Naruto Harem Swimsuits Theme (Updated 03/23/2018)Recently I was thinking of a particular theme for a Naruto harem. One where all the girls wear different style swimsuits, yet they all have the same black & orange color scheme to match the colors Naruto wears. I thought it would be an unique theme that I have yet to see here on DA. :)
I pretty much already had started the theme with Tenten and Temari, as one can see in the following commissioned art done for me months ago...
Both girls have the same bikinis, yet Temari have the addition of the orange shirt, which makes her look more sexy, etc. :)
Yet what about the other girls? What do any of you think regarding which style swimsuit will suit for each of the others - Hinata, Ino, Sakura, and others. Remember not only do a style have to be solely for that particular girl, the color scheme have to be black & orange.
The following are my two cents of which style swims
Naruto Harem Swimsuits Theme 2 (Updated 7/16/18)Greetings! :)
You all are wondering the same thing, no doubt - "Why did you create a second page for your Naruto Harem Swimsuits Theme?" Well, it's simple. The first page was getting too long, and I noticed that some of the thumbnails are not loading when i try to edit the journal. If I save the page without the thumbnails, it will be saved without them. I do not want to keep reloading the thumbnails, so I have created a second page to continue the Naruto Harem Swimsuits Theme. 
For anyone new to this, I recommend to check out the first page that will explain everything. Click on the thumbnail link just below to take you to the first page. :)

:bulletred: Edited on May 15, 2018, 6:00 AM (EST)
To start off this new second page for the theme, I once more commissioned Amenoosa to pair Naruto with a kunoichi I think he have a nice special relationship with - Shizune. She's sweet, kind, and would make a great 'big sister' to Naruto. I al

:bulletorange: Also I had started a second theme - The Naruto Harem Evening Wear Theme! Instead of orange & black swimsuits, the Naruto ladies are wearing orange & black evening wear, whether they be evening gowns, dresses, etc. Below are few examples, yet check out more at my Naruto Evening Wear Theme journal. :)

NaruTen: Dancing the Night Away (Close-up) by JuPMod NaruTema: Affectionate Night (Close-up) by JuPMod

Naruto Harem Evening Wear Theme (Updated 5/18/18)By now, most of you should know about my Naruto Harem Swimsuits Theme. Over the years, it has grown to quite a collection of Naruto ladies wearing unique orange & black swimsuits to match Naruto's Shipppuuden outfit and the orange & black swim trunks (with flames). I still have many ladies to go, so it's far from over. :)
Yet recently, jairangelmaster had made a suggestion that I should start a new harem theme, one for evening wear, given he noticed the commissions I done showing the Naruto girls in orange & black evening dresses/gowns while Naruto wears a black tuxedo with orange tie and cummerbund. Sounds like a great idea, given I can't put these commissions in the Swimsuits theme due that characters are not wearing swimsuits. 
So as one can see here, this journal is home for the Naruto Harem Evening W

Love "U Can Do It!"

Tenten vs Naruto by kyutenzuken Naruto vs tenten by sashun08

Tenten by kyutenzuken U can do it - NvsT by kawaiiS

Check out Shippuuden Ending 15 "U Can Do It!" at YouTube! :) -->


Commissions- No Stamp by Icelilly P. Commissions- No Stamp by Icelilly Requests- No Stamp by Icelilly

Read the descriptions under each art. I'm not an artist, for I *buy* commissions & point commissions from artists. This also means I don't do requests either. Get it? :roll:

No i wont give you my points by muddyputty No Beggin' for Points by Drache-Lehre

I'm tire of strangers asking me for points. Sorry, I will not give points to strangers. To people I know on dA and for a good cause, you bet. For points commissions, you bet. For someone *begging*, no.

Shipping Support Stamp by JuPMod _pairings_stamp_1 by KuroiPit Fanfiction by MissBeastie

I'm tire of fans commenting about the pairings I support, saying they will not ever happen. Big duh. I know they will not ever happen in canon, it's just *fun* to imagine them together in fan art and fanfiction. Live and let live. So loosen up. ;p

JuPMod's Blog for Deleted DeviantArt Art --->

After the Great Purge of Naruto art in Oct. 2011, DeviantArt had deleted a dozen or more Naruto art from my dA account due to 'underage' nudity and sexual content. Well, I'd created a blog to house these 'deleted' works. :)


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