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May 23, 2009
Over the mountains and the sea by ~jup3nep Suggester writes: "At first I thought it was digital painting, then, on a closer look I saw it was a photo. Its "wow" factor is simply off the charts. In my opinion this photo is pure landscape perfection: from the colors (which are natural looking - i.e. not post processed) to the beauty of the scene."
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Over the mountains and the sea

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The Balkans is the historical name of a geographic region of southeastern Europe. The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains, which run through the centre of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia. The region has a combined area of 550,000 km2 (212,000 sq mi) and a population of about 55 million people.
The ancient Greek name for the Balkan Peninsula was “the Peninsula of Haemus” (Χερσόνησος του Αίμου, Chersónisos tou Aímou).
The Balkans are adjoined by water on three sides: the Black Sea to the east and branches of the Mediterranean Sea to the south and west (including the Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean and Marmara seas).

The identity of the Balkans is dominated by its geographical position; historically the area was known as a crossroads of various cultures. It has been a juncture between the Latin and Greek bodies of the Roman Empire, the destination of a massive influx of pagan Slavs, an area where Orthodox and Catholic Christianity met, as well as the meeting point between Islam and Christianity.

The Balkans today is a very diverse ethno-linguistic region, being home to multiple Slavic, Romance, and Turkic languages, as well as Greek, Albanian, and others. Through its history many other ethnic groups with their own languages lived in the area, among them Thracians, Illyrians, Romans, Uzes, Pechenegs, Cumans, Avars, Celts, Germans, and various Germanic tribes.

The Balkan region was the first area of Europe to experience the arrival of farming cultures in the Neolithic era. The practices of growing grain and raising livestock arrived in the Balkans from the Fertile Crescent by way of Anatolia, and spread west and north into Pannonia and Central Europe.

In pre-classical and classical antiquity, this region was home to Greek city-states, Illyrians, Paeonians, Thracians, Epirotes, Mollosians, Thessalians, Dacians and other ancient groups. Later the Roman Empire conquered most of the region and spread Roman culture and the Latin language but significant parts still remained under classical Greek influence. During the Middle Ages, the Balkans became the stage for a series of wars between the Byzantine, Bulgarian and Serbian Empires.

Daily Deviation, 2009-05-23 - Thank you all!!!
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amazing! is this real or is this photo manip???
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Unimaginably beautiful...thank you for sharing perfection
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whoaaah this is awesome :D
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Stunning photography! This is really a wonderful landscape ... an other wonderland !
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really good shot!
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the first thing I thought was..... THE SHIRE!! this is a beautiful picture
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Cestitam na DD, ovaj rad je predstavljen u blogu: [link] grupe:
Svaka cast! ;)
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Hi! :wave: Your artwork is featured here: [link]
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beautiful shot of a parallel world! awesome colours and angel!
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Cool! Stunning work!
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