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Published: November 9, 2010
3:00 PM. Ian was mentally preparing for impact. Everyone was. Never before had everyone on Earth prepared for one single event. It would be the last time too, Ian thought bitterly.

'Impact in 8 minutes', the computer informed.
'I know that', said Ian, 'You don't need to remind me. I repeat: no counting down.'
'Ay sir', the computer replied.

Ian was quite amazed there had been no riots, no looting at all in these last days of the species of Man. All was arranged well. It did matter that Nemesis, as Earth's future assassin was called, was discovered over 80 years ago. Mankind had had much time to prepare itself. Yet there was nothing one could do to avert the annihilation of 6000 years of civilization and 3 million years of Homo Sapiens.

Things had changed in the last 80 years. Wars, greed, hedonism, capitalism, all things that had divided humans for centuries, it all came to an end. Birth restriction achieved to reduce Earth population to 500 million at Time Zero. These last humans, Generation Doom, as they were called, (Ian did not like this name, it was as if they were blamed for the end of the human race) they occupied themselves with science, art, philosophy and love. They were fully aware of the nearing end, but they kept calm, they acquiesced. Hell yeah, he liked that name, the Acquiescents. Much better than Generation Doom. But he wouldn't let any of these futilities pollute his mind anymore.

Through the window, he saw a fireball entering the atmosphere. He went outside to greet the End.
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A very short but dark SF story I wrote long ago, I think around 2002.
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