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1870s Saloon

By juntao
A 1870s Saloon

3DS Max 5.1, Photoshop
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© 2004 - 2021 juntao
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brotherblue91's avatar
Awesome juntao! Great Modeling skills!

I made a 3D saloon here too, test animation:… would love to here your chritique, too!
Dudewiththehat's avatar
alot of detail, needs more whiskey

and cowbell
martina123's avatar
What program do you have used? 3ds max?
GelbeSchafe's avatar
How do people create such lovely things?!
Awesome amount of detail here :thumbsup:
Darkcheno's avatar
You need to have put a lot of work in this.
It's look great :) And all the things there.
potog's avatar
i love it just as it is.
nick-m's avatar
Gorgeous :) Reminds me of a fantasy scene from an old western, a bar about to open, the keeper setting tables and about to unlatch the shutters on the windows.
AlfieAdams's avatar
dude u have some skills gongrats with the twenty thingy [link] i got i t last time and you got it this woooo! but yeah you were my personal favefrom the coices! and this peice rocks!
evilangelica's avatar
Too dark, I'm sure there was a sun in the 1870's.
nick-m's avatar
Burning bright inside of a dimly lit saloon?
evilangelica's avatar
You could set it on fire. Or blow out the roof. But I think they had windows back then, you could put some of those. :P
esotericsean's avatar
daaang, you are one talented modeller!
unreconstructed's avatar
awesome piece! The details are impressive but the lighting could have been improved. I reckon if better lighting was applied the atmosphere of the piece can be improved even more.
halyconx's avatar
looks like you really put a lot of work into the textures all over this piece
its extremely detailed which is what i think makes it so great
love the soft shadows - gives it a real feel - maybe so brighter lighting in certain places
fantastic work :D its just beautiful
rapidograph's avatar
... that's REALLY impressive, it's obvious you put a lot of work in this, and it really shows, and your staircase it gorgeous... I especially like the clutter you've added to make it more realistic, like the little stool with the bottle on it, the handbill posted to the pillar, and the wagonwheels in the back corner...
adrenaddict's avatar
Holy cr#p:!:
This is insain man. I just had to fav it
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