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Gaia Online 2k6 Postcard

By junosama
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A postcard design I did a few months back, which was printed as free postcards and given out at the Gaia Booth at Fanime 2006.

This is a true example of exactly how anal I am... Not only did I draw and ink them in pencil, but after that, I cleaned up the lineart in Painter... THEN I took it into Illustrator and vectorized the lineart to make it even smoother... and THEN I went BACK into Painter to fix the lineart even more.

What kind of idiot draws vectors 9_9

Anyway, I have to do all the other NPCs eventually, but it's fun making them so iconic. XD

Please visit Gaia Online if you haven't already! ^O^
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I love Ian & Rufus xD They look terrified! Love them all-great job^^
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These are just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. :D
Even Edmund looks adorable, and he's all scowly and everything! xD
Favorite things: Liam's sparkles and the fact that Ian and Rufus are freaking out, haha. OH, and how emo Gino looks. xD
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omigawd omigawd omigawd ^O^ soooooooooooo~ cute!
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This is so cute!
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Maybe you are anal xD but it turned out perfect!!
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omg can you draw my avatar?
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I'm afraid I'm too busy to take commissions at the moment, sorry ;;;_;;;
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Aw this is so cute!

I have a question for you. Would you mind if I did a nail design with this? For class, we have to do something crazy for the tip of our nails and I thought it would be cool to do comics or something Gaia related?
I'd give you credit if I post it anywhere and I'll show you pictures after. ;3
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Please go ahead! And yes, the only thing I ask is that you give proper credits. Technically this art doesn't entirely belong to me either, since I made it for Gaia. :P
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one word....AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you so much for letting us put your art in our Gambino Addicts gallery!

I have this postcard up on my wall! <3 I think I got it at AX07. :) So cuuuuute!
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a;lsdkjf Yay you approved!

And neither Johnny nor Edmund will EVER be so adorable ever again. <33
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OMG I love these NPCs!!! And there expressions-so funny XD lawl
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it was worth it! aside from that, gaia actually used this! lucky you!
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*giggles* As soon as I saw this I thought.. BRADY BUNCH!
LE GASP!! LOL wow.. i'm a loser.. =D
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liam ,rufus and ian are one of my favourites! ^_____^
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sam? ._.
nicolae...? ;-;
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liam looks like miroku from inuyasha or shigure from fruits bastket cause he's doin the chin and hand thing x3
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Ph3r the Gambinos and thar giant eyebrows.
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Yes, I made them EXTRA large. XD
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haha love the expressions
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