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BNHA OC - Kirari Yuurei
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Published: February 3, 2019
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K i r a r i   Y u u r e i

   Age:  16

   Date of Birth:  June 6th

   Gender:  female

   Hero Name:  Spectre

   Occupation: Student at U.A. High School




Kirari used to live together with both her parents when she was little. Her mother, Kazuha Yuurei, was a quirkless woman, and her husband, Toukaku Yuurei passed on his quirk “Phantom” onto his daughter. Her quirk manifested at the age of 3, so he trained her a little bit. She was able to use her quirk to some degree, but she couldn’t manage to keep complete control over it at such a young age. When Kirari was 4 her parents divorced, since they didn’t get along anymore. Toukaku left his daughter and Kazuha behind and moved to another city. Kirari only has faint memory of her father, but she still imagines them all together as a happy family, and firmly believes her father will come back one day.

Later, in kindergarten, Kirari tried to socialize a lot with the other children, but she always lacked an understanding of other peoples’ feelings. She sometimes hurts others unintentionally with what she says or does, and never understands why they are offended. On top of that she didn’t have complete control over her quirk, which sometimes went off on its own and paralyzed other children. Most kids started to think she’s creepy and kept their distance. Kirari started to feel very isolated after a while because even though no one was particularly mean towards her, she was always ignored.  

She started staying at home a lot and spent a lot of time watching TV, movies, reading stories and manga. This was the time when she started admiring Heroes, after seeing their heroic deeds on TV. She saw how they were respected and appreciated by everybody and began dreaming of becoming a Hero herself, to finally be seen as somebody admirable. When she’s older she attends U.A. High School. During her free time she works as a vendor at a corner store to help out her mother. She has gotten ill and can’t work fulltime anymore, so they’re in a critical financial situation now. Kirari hopes to be able to support her mother as a hero, as well as to completely understand the people around her, how they feel and how to interact with them.



   Hair Color: Burgundy

   Eye Color: Grey-green

   Height: 162cm

   Weight: 52 kg



       Positive: polite | friendly | cheerful | honest
       Negative: dense | blunt | careless | cheeky
       Neutral: curious | daring | neat |

   Likes: Sports, Movies, vegetable, tee, games

   Dislikes: physical contact, spicy food

   Hobbies: Aikido, Reading


Kirari is quite unusual. She’s unable of understanding how people normally interact with each other. In a conversation she will sometimes fake-exaggerate her reactions to a point that makes it look like an act from a movie, when she doesn’t know how to reply properly, or when she doesn’t feel anything at all. She doesn’t get sarcasm and always gives her honest opinion, even when not asked for. Many people believe she’s actually stupid, but she has always had good grades at school. She’s able to think of complex thoughts and strategies, human emotions though are mostly incomprehensibly for her. Kirari wants to socialize a lot though. She almost never stops talking, and always wears a smile. Even when saying something mean, she will still be smiling since she believes that’s all it takes to convey a friendly attitude. It makes her seem like a bitch tho.

She’s usually always trying to come off as friendly and polite, but is actually mischievous on the inside. Rarely, when she loses her cool she can become very coldhearted and mean.

Quirk and Abilities

   Quirk: Phantom

   Type: Transformation


Kirari can change the density of her body, making it look transparent. She can change her limbs separately to that transparent state and pass through objects with it. After she has activated her quirk on one part of her body, it will stay active for about 20 seconds. Once the duration ended, she can’t make that exact same part of her body transparent again for a timespan of approximately 15 seconds. Her tactic in battle usually is to engage in close combat, since she’ll almost always have the upper hand. When she runs through another person’s body with her transparent limb, that specific part will go numb. If she manages to pass through somebody’s head the target will faint and stay unconscious for an hour. There can be aftereffects such as headache or amnesia. If the opponent’s body is too muscly (like Nomu) Kirari won’t be able to entirely numb them, it will leave an uncomfortable feeling though.

Kirari can never make her whole body transparent at the same time, there always has to be one solid part of her body. This becomes a problem when passing through big objects or thick walls.

Kirari is very athletic and practices Aikido and other martial arts. She combines these skills with her quirk in close combat, as she tries to land hits on her opponent.

Her quirk is weak to large scale attacks (for example Todoroki’s), since she can’t completely dissolve her body. Continuous quick blows (for example Bakugo) are also strong against her, since she can’t reuse her quirk immediately after using it once.

She has her quirk pretty much under control, but when she gets startled or nervous it can sometimes go off as some sort of reflex.



 - Power: 2/5 C

 - Speed: 4/5 B

 - Technique: 5/5 A

 - Intelligence: 2/5 C

 - Cooperativeness: 3/5 B





   Seiyuu: Hayami Saori

·                     Kirari loves drinking tea, but due to her quirk she often drops the cup and shatters it, so she started drinking it with a straw and putting the cup on the table

·                     She often does things in a strange way, like eating weird combinations of food, earning confused looks from others

·                     Kirari loves to get close to people and tease them, but absolutely despises actual physical contact

·                     She can be very childish in some situation, she always tries to make fun of something and takes everything lighthearted

·                     Her dream profession next to being a Hero would have been being an actress, even though her acting is awful, exaggerated and overdramatic 

If you really read until here, just know I love you. 
I wanted to wait with her until I completely finished the series, but I couldn't help myself, I'm still missing a few episodes and I hope I didn't accidentally copy some canon characters quirk kjasndajkdn
This show got me yelling, I love it so much. 
I watched the first season when it came out, and for some reason I didn't continue watching lmao.
But all your beautiful oc babys really motivated me to pick up season 2

Hope you like it ~~

Template by :iconuunearthly:, thank you so much for offering such a beautiful OC template ;-;

Art & Kirari by :iconjunoori:

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That's a scary Quirk :XD: she can f- ... ... "mess up" so many People with this ;) ^^;
Awesome Character Design :clap:
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Hi I want to know how to make your oc to layer over the template because I want to make a OC for myself
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Man I really like this keep up the amazing work! ^^
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can this girls whole body be transparent? if so, dont play hide and seek with her :lol:

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Yeah lol 
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She's super cute, also I love her name, you can guess why ^^ ;
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Lmao thank you uwu
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You said she despises physical contact and I couldn't help but imaging in my head while reading this, the image of someone touching her and her jumping up into the air with a look of betrayal like 'What the hell man!" XD
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She is so pretty and her Quirk is very interesting! I loved reading her personality. :heart: 
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thank you!!
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thank you!!
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You are welcome!
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I love her hair it gives me life <3

just the shading and highlights on this are incredible <3
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asuidnajksdn you're too nice ;-; thank you!!
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really cool! she looks very cute <3
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Ohhh shes cute♡
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