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Freshly Baked - Clay Hidan

By junochan
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clay!Hidan is 97% complete. YAY XD

I still need to paint his forehead protector and the blades of his scythe with silver paint but I don't have silver paint available at the moment.

Sorry for the bad photo quality, I'll try to do neater shots when he's fully done ^^,

Uhm... this is the first time I worked with polymer clay (ok, actually the second, I did a brooch with clay when I was a kid), so I'm suprised it actually looks like Hidan o.O, I was about to give up a few times...

Hidan from Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
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I cannot imagine what it's like when your relatives come over. They must be concerned.
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If that could be a birthday cake... aah bliss! <3
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he looks amazing, really nice work :D
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Can I eat it???

Instead of nose bleed, my nose got runny...
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Not what I was looking to see.. Actually the exact opposite of what I wanted to see! I wanted to see Nyan Cat right in his place! WAAAAAAAAAAAA damn. now i gotta get my gun.
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Soooo Cuuute!!!!
<3 <3 <3
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OMG, I've never seen such an adorable Hidan!
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so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i like it
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i love this ! . i work with clay as well but i oly make small things , this is good . how big is it ????
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it´s awesome just give it to me^^
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*_* its sooooo cutee *_* :heart:
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he's so epic! i want it!
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I want to glomp him so bad but i don't want to mess him up. He is too CUTE!!! XD
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i don't think you understand how jealous i am.
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so cute! =3 i looove iit!! x3
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awww i like it alot
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I really love it! xD
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LOL aww hes adorable xD
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i want one :333
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truly amazing, well done
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It's amazing! Great work!
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