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I am so excited to announce that our next record, Death in the Afternoon, is officially available for preorder!  We've released a very sexy trailer video that gives you a sweet sample of what we're working on and compliments our KickStarter campaign, we launched TODAY!

Check it out!

The super incredible mission to make Death in the Afternoon a reality is off! We need everyone's help to get Death in the Afternoon pressed to CD and a very special limited edition vinyl.  There are several very special limited rewards that we've all worked hard on to make available to our sweet friends. Even if you can't make a pledge to the campaign, we'd be super grateful if you could just pass on the story, the video, and the music to anyone you can find with ears.  

The record is set to release this October!!  Thank you so much to everyone for their incredible support.  We couldn't do this without you.

<3 <3 <3
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There's open voting for Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock! Help support Absinthe Junk and our sisters in One-Eyed Doll, Blackguard, and Otep by giving us a shout out!  Here's how:

- Post a comment on the Revolver facebook page

Blair Verte of Absinthe Junk for Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock!
(Try to tag the fan page(s) so other people can discover said rocker!)


- Tweet to @RevolverMag using the hashtag #hottestchicksinhardrock with the names of all your favorite rocker chicks!

Blair Verte of @absinthejunk #hottestchicksinhardrock @RevolverMag ! 


- Post a comment at…


- Email with the subject line "Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock." and list your favorite femme fatales in the body!

Thank you to all our sweet Junkies for their awesome votes so far!
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I'm not entirely sure why this page of SCD took as long as it did. I blame having panels with four people in them - I really don't have the concentration level to get them finished in one sitting.

It's that time of year again. I'm really not too big of a fan of summer. It always seems as though everything slows down, gets tired, and the whole world seems sludgy. That, and all the good TV shows are on break, which means I'm extra bored. Yes, I should be spending my bored time here. Let's blame the day star, shall we?

Something COOL: Absinthe Junk finally got hip to the awesomness that is BandCamp.

Now all you sweet audiophiles can get your groove on with our debut album "Living Ghosts" ala lossless download. Name your own price! All the sales we make from this site will go to funding the Death in the Afternoon pressing.

It's true: Absinthe Junk is damn near finished with it's next record. It's fantastic and I cannot wait for it to finished and intercepting your earholes. I think you all will dig it very much - there's something on it for everyone. There's going to be a KickStarter campaign starting next month that I did a ton of art for (RIGHT! That's why this page is late - knew I was forgetting something) and I really hope you'll support the party - just telling your friend to give us a listen is a huge thing. Keep your eyes peeled - new rockings are definitely coming soon.

Thank you to all the sweet friends who've given me comments and encouragement on the new pages of SCD and Absinthe Junk's new record.  You are tops!
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It's been a strange transition back into drawing Star Cross'd Destiny again. There are days I can't think about it at all because of school, then there are days it's all I can think about and I'm the road.  Getting back into any sort of groove has been a pain the ass.  But on that note, there will be a new page Monday!

I will be hitting one convention this year - A-Kon in Dallas, the first weekend in June.  Look forward to seeing all my awesome friends again this year!

Absinthe Junk and Set the Controls are gonna be on the road a lot starting next month.  Here are a few of the dates if any of you fancy cats would like to come rock out with me.  :)

STC : May 5th : Club La Vela - Panama City, FL
JUNK : May 19th : The Rutledge - Nashville, TN
JUNK : May 26th : Blind Bob's - Dayton, OH
SCD : June 1-3 : A-Kon, Dallas, TX
STC : July 6th : Paramount Center - Bristol, TN
STC : July 8th : Fager's Island - Ocean City, MD

The next Absinthe Junk album will be released THIS FALL.  I'm so excited about that, I can't feel my face.  Please keep a look out - we'll be doing a big preorder/fundraising event to help get the album pressed and distributed with a bunch of cool options.

Other than that, I'm exhausted and I will now make with the sleeping.

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What does this mean?! Am I working on pages? Yes. Do I plan to update? I hope so. Do I have a cactus in my bathroom but we still don't have very much to say to each other?  Absolutely.

Please stop by and check it out.  Let me know if I broke something or the site is incompatible.

Life is too fucking serious these days. I'm just saying. I don't want to think in absolutions anymore - that I WILL do something or won't.  I rather just express and be and whatever the hell comes out of that tornado of energy, then may it be awesome. I don't have a plan.  I just want to tell a story, however I can.

So, ya know, check it out and stuff.
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Mythical 27, B12 and Drawings

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 14, 2011, 12:00 AM

Thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes.  I don't think I've ever received so many on dA!  I just got back from A-kon which was honestly a blur.  It went pretty ok but I was tired almost all of it.

Recently we discovered that most of my health problems (almost all the neurological and etc) were linked to a severe deficiency of the ol' vitamin B12.  Apparently I've been without it for years and it caused a mess of nerve damage in my spine and brain.  THAT's exciting.  O_o  The fantastic news is, it's reversible.  Within just a few weeks of getting on injections my hands have gone down to a tolerable shake (the usual pretty much), my mind is much clearer and I've started drawing again in my spare time (which albeit, isn't much, but that's something)!

While packing for the trip to ACen I came across the lone printed copy of the Chapter 8 script which was lost in the crash.  I've been slowly reacquainting myself with SCD, trying to get my bearings, remembering all the shit I didn't write down and where I could possibly go from here.  To be honest, it's been overwhelming since the crash and I'm not very sure how to dive back in.  But it's in sight and as of last month it seems a lot less scary to try and attempt against all my health issues.

So that's news.  Come check out the new Absinthe Junk live video!…

And don't forget to keep voting in the Battle of the Bands!…

I hope you find this news as good as I did.  Shots suck but it's nice to feel normal again after years of fuckery.  Here's fingers crossed that I can reconnect with SCD after all these years and start finishing their story.  I appreciate all your support through the last several years!  Who'd have known B12 was such a bitch?  XD

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Journal Entry: Thu May 19, 2011, 9:37 AM

I'm leaving for Chicago and Anime Central in thirty minutes!

If you're gonna be at the con please come say hi!!  I have free stuff and new stuff and neat stuff and I want to talk to your face!  :D

<3 you guys.

See you all soon!

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Conventions! Contests! Peas!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 29, 2011, 10:49 PM

OK!  So here's some news!  I'm confirmed to wreak havoc upon Anime Central and A-kon this year.  I am most excite to come back and see folks - some of whom I haven't seen in a very long time.  If you're going to either convention, do let me know!  I'm gonna need some Street Team cats to help me out if you dig it.

The Absinthe Junk fanart contest is still going!  Check out my previous entry for more details.  Win you some really cool stuff, draw some crazy musicians doing crazy things!

We're still competing in the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands.  You can vote everyday!  Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping us out.…

Can't wait to see everyone this year!  It's going to be a good time for sure!

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Absinthe Junk Fanart Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 4, 2011, 3:41 PM

So one thing I always thought was cool about SCD was all the unique takes on the characters by the fans.  And I thought it might be cool to start a contest!

Absinthe Junk Fanart Fanastical Contest of Awesome!
Category 1:
Draw the band being crazy like bands are altogether or as singles or duos.  Color entries preferred!

Category 2:
Single shots of each member in a more comicbook type scenario - if you crossed SCD and its super powers with Absinthe Junk and its ROCK, what would you end up with?
(Think daBlair with Juno's powers and musical weapons maybe?)

Category 3:
Fan Comic!  Create a short comic or series featuring the members of Absinthe Junk.  This has so many options from the candid sitting in the van spouting off nonsense to rock and roll vigilante!  How well do you know Absinthe Junk?  Watch our tour tapes on YouTube to get a taste of our bizarre personalities.

Make sure when you post your entries to DeviantArt that you link up Absinthe Junk's Facebook and then come share your entry on our page!

There will be one winner from each category and one overall winner!

The category winners will receive a signed Absinthe Junk music sampler, stickers, laminate and button pack!

The Overall Winner will receive an Absinthe Junk Prize Pack featuring signed press photo, signed CD, stickers, buttons!

DEADLINE is May 15th!

You may compete in multiple categories but you can only win once!

For reference material and other inspiring shenanigans visit Junk's official website:

If you have any questions, need any reference material please leave me a comment or shoot me an email :

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

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Can you make AMVs?

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 17, 2011, 2:46 AM

I really really would like to hook up with someone to help put together an Anime Music Video to Road to Damnation and Cowboy Bebop.  Or another song - but I think that one would be the most appropriate.  On that note, I'd love to find someone with skills to put together a fan video of Dexter and Devilish Grin.  I think this would be too fun.  Any of you have mad video making skills?  Seriously let me know - free swag and LTD edition Junk stuff to anyone who can help us get all guerilla marketing on this shit.  :D


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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 14, 2011, 12:48 AM

Um... I might need some place to crash fo'serious!  It looks like my space on the waiting list just opened up!

Y'all hit me back if you can help a sister out!

Juno Blair B

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This is not going so well

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 4, 2011, 10:15 AM

Well, this is really not going so well.  Three days in and most bands have at least over 500 votes.  Some have 1200.  And we have 150.  So if you care about me in the least it would be awesome if you could take five seconds out of your daily routine and come vote for us.  Do it daily.  Share it with your friends - give them some free music from our Facebook page.…

Last time we owned the competition.  This time, not so much.  Which makes me think if I don't post art, draw comics anymore (forget the five years worth where I did), I'm not worth much to most of you guys anymore.  *note I said most.  Several of you are TOPS and I love your faces so so much.  And you keep me going and always have.

So this is the Juno being just generally bummed.  That's what I get for expectations.

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OK! Fo'real this time! HELP!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 2, 2011, 7:39 PM

ALRIGHT!  This time it's fo'real.  I need y'all's help.  Like the most serious needing of helps ever needed.

Remember how we used to vote everyday?  I need your help doing it again, only this time it means so much more.  Your votes help get Absinthe Junk a chance to be on Warp Tour.  And that's like, a big deal and junk!  Please help us spread the word - vote everyday!…

I really think that with the awesome support of my epically amazing artist friends we can take this thing by storm.  And if we can do this then hopefully Absinthe Junk can start really getting the support it needs and get out to come see all of you!

Thank you to everyone who helped with the first push - this is the one that counts!  Your support means the world to me and I am so so grateful for it.  Much Much <3!!

~Juno Blair B

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Remember when we used to vote? I NEED your help.

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 19, 2011, 4:30 PM


Register and vote for us EVERYDAY.  We want to come SEE YOU.  This is how we can do it.  I love you guys very very much - please please please help us with this.  We're doing great so far but we definitely can't do it without your help.

Thank you so much everyone!!

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Devilish Grin Music Video

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 18, 2011, 12:34 AM



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Music Video Leak

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 14, 2011, 12:31 PM

On the Star Cross'd Destiny website!  Come seeeeeeeee us kill someone and play pretty musics!

And when it goes up on YouTube Tuesday come leave comments of happy yum please please.  :dance:

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Saints and Sweethearts

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 27, 2010, 8:24 PM

<3 to the sweet person who gave me a premium membership!  I'm seriously at a loss for words.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

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So Anime Central I think definitely wins for questions on when I'll be coming back over the last few years.  Truth is, I have missed coming to ACen like mad - it's always been one of my favorite conventions.  So I'm looking into it, just FYI, for 2011 if for no other reason professionally than to promote Absinthe Junk and offload print stock (which I still have a TON of).  Obviously the core of my purpose would be to come see old friends, to partake in con traditions, people watch, shoot the shit and geek out royally, etc. XD

Problems: I desperately need a place to stay.  That is what has kept me from being able to come back for the last couple years - my board left town.  And I can't afford a hotel room.  Not being active in webcomics anymore it's almost scary for me to even say I'll be able to pitch in - my last couple conventions have been a lot drier.  By my own doing obviously - I'm not bitching.  Just the state of things.  I very much would love to rock ACen with you cats in 2011 and that's the big 'if' that is hanging over me.  So if any of you are fellow artists, know anybody, don't mind sharing a common area with a nocturnal and somewhat loud bohemian musician/artist-type person then please hit me up.  I do honor the rules of couch surfing - ie, if I cannot pay you in shiny coins, I will pay you in material or consumable goods.  I bear awesome gifts.  Fo'serious.  That's how we roll on the road - surely we can roll that way at a con.  XD

So seriously, I'm all for it!  If anyone knows anyone, has an extra bed or couch (I do unfortunately need cushioning for my crooked back or this would be way easier) then please let me know and I will be there faster than white on rice.

I so hope to see you guys again soon!!  :dance:
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There aren't really words to how unsettling it is to have the lights turned off on yourself as you're running full-steam.  Your mind is dancing with the voices of conversations friends you've held for nearly a decade would have and then, in an instant, they're gone.  The only saving grace is they were replaced by music, by abstract colors, by symphonies.    But if you thought I had a choice in this, you thought wrong.

I've missed Star Cross'd Destiny madly.  And in the last year I started to feel like I was growing apart from Juno and Shades - that I didn't understand them.  As a writer, you evolve.  Thankfully, I know that.  So as the music slowly got turned down, it was like two people were sitting in the distance, older, changed.

Does this mean I'm starting over?  Jesus god no.  I'm resuming from where we left off.  Will there be an update schedule?  Gracious fuck no.  I want to be here and I will be here as often as I can be but you all know as well as I do that this comic is an undertaking.  My coloring style isn't necessarily simple - nothing I do is necessarily simple.  So we're here, taking it one day at a time with the goal of telling and ultimately finishing their story.  Because they deserve it.  We'll pray everyday that someone doesn't turn the lights off but if they do, I'll post the unholy offspring of whatever room's lights do get turned on in hopes it might entertain you or give you someplace to rest your head too.

I've missed you all.  I'm glad to be coming home.  Thank you for everyone who's stuck around, who's been patient, who's enjoyed my music (which I will of course still be working on while I work on SCD), and who will continue to follow the story from this point forward despite all the ups and downs.  Love love to you.

Be seeing you very very soon.
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Here they are!  It's a short one but hopefully we'll see at least some of you.  :)  Hit me back if you think you can help on the StreetTEAM side of things.

Wed, Oct 06 | Murphy's | Memphis, TN

Thu, Oct 07 | Little Rock, AR

Fri, Oct 08 | Andy's | Denton, TX

Sat, Oct 09 | The Deadhorse | San Angelo, TX

Sun, Oct 10 | Headhunters | Austin, TX

Mon, Oct 11 | Bash Riprocks | Lubbock, TX

Tue, Oct 12 | Poor David's Pub | Dallas, TX

Wed, Oct 13 | Mojo's Downtown | Shreveport, LA

Thu, Oct 14 | Celtic Irish Pub | Pascagoula, MS

Fri, Oct 15 | St. Roch Tavern | New Orleans, LA

Sat, Oct 16 | The Nick | Birmingham, AL


More info on our Facebook :
And our official site :
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