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The New Soundtrack and Volume 3

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 23, 2014, 10:48 AM

Preorder SCD's OST Volume Beta

I started a small campaign to help get SCD's second original soundtrack finished. Most of you know SCD recently had a very successful Kickstarter to fund its second volume's printing, but its counterpart, the OST, was an afterthought. I had no idea how incredible this record was going to turn out. I had planned to do all the mixing in house and not master it, planning only a digital release. But then it grew and expanded. Many studio days were booked, scores of musicians donated their time, and even now, the record is still amassing more epic sounds with additional studio time booked! So many people came together to make this record possible. While OST Alpha was a single effort, OST Beta has become the work of a truly talented ensemble of folks. To not let it be properly mastered and pressed would be an injustice to all their hard work. Your contribution will help give this project the finish it deserves!

Almost all the incentives for the SCD Kickstarter have been finished, so those will start going out very soon. :D Volume 3 is starting this week!! So excite - check over at for more.


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The Star Cross'd Destiny Volume 2 Kickstarter has launched.  There are a ton of really cool rewards, including amulet necklaces, original art, new music, and even a tour in New Orleans!  I hope you'll check it out and consider helping me out to finally print this bad boy. It's gonna be so pretty, you guys!  Let's rock this!…

Write a blog! Tell a friend! The time is nigh!
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Hey friends, I could really use your input.  I'm putting together the insides of Volume 2. What extras should I include? Is there anything specific you've seen in webcomic trades that you'd like to see in SCD? Or something you think would be cool?

I'd so love to hear your thoughts on this!  Please shout at me.  Don't leave meh hangin!
I posted this on the ol' Tumblspace yesterday as a sort of definitive answer to whether there will be a print edition of Volume 2.

I went back and forth on it a lot, but ultimately decided after nearly a year of consistent updates and staring down the last ten pages of Volume 2 that even I would like to have it in print. This portion of SCD overcame the most shit, survived moves, hard drive crashes, shitty ex-boyfriend dramas, and more giant life changes than I can count. It shouldn't have made it out on the other side, but here we are. So why not celebrate it and toast the beginning of Volume 3? I'd love to.

So here's what's gonna happen. We're going to Kickstart it.  Much like the Absinthe Junk campaign, you'll get a chance to preorder Volume 2 (in full smashing color, I might add) along with a slew of other neat stuff. If the campaign goal isn't met, I'll just print a few for myself, and just be happy in the fact that the damn thing is finished and I can move on to the next installment. If the goal is met though, I intend to take it out into the world with force - hopefully hit several conventions and the like in 2014 and 2015.

So yeah! It's coming! I'm not quite sure when, especially with the holidays looming - but I'll keep you all posted. I truly hope it all works out - it'll prove that anything can be overcome and I'm kinda psyched to really get in that mindset.  :dance:
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I posted this on my Tumblr, but thought it belonged here as well. :)

When I look back on it, there's a lot of things I wish I could change about how Star Cross'd Destiny was handled throughout the last ten years. You always wish you would have waited to start your brainchild until your craft was more developed. They don't tell you that your craft will never stop growing or changing. You're young and you want to tell a story about two characters you really love. They don't tell you that you'll look back on your writing and shudder, or that mistakes is how you become a better writer. Being an artist is like being a teenager - you think you know everything in the present, but you really know nothing. I can't wait to hear what ten years from now me has to say about all this.

I'll be honest - while I wish that the hiatus and all the road blocks never happened, I'm grateful for the time I was forced to take off. I got older, and my perspective changed so dramatically. Sure, I hate that I lost my audience, my numbers, and a great deal of reliability for storytelling - but those three years after the hard drive crash, I learned. I wrote and I dreamt, created and grew. And my brainchild and I fell away from each other for a very long time… What's funny about that, is while we were apart, I found their pain. I experienced it, I repressed it… then I felt it, and I figured out that just because everything hurts, doesn't mean it's raining all the time… that you can breathe underwater.

So ten years later, I'm still only 230 odd pages into my oldest story, and while that's a bummer, I'm glad I waited. I'm glad I had the chance to grow, live, and cry without it because now - now I'm telling it understanding the pain, but more importantly, I understand the joy.

I'll have more revelations next week along with a super special celebration pic. Stay tuned! Here's to ten years, friends. :ahoy:

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It's really weird to fall away from something (and in this case, have your characters fall away from you). You move on in some respects. For several years, I just did other things, like Absinthe Junk. And then one day the light turns back on and you're running full boar like nothing ever changed.

Except things have changed. Everyone is older now, the internet's attention span is all wack, and you're trying to fight tooth and nail back into relevancy so hard your head's spinning. And then you step back and remember, you're only telling this story because you have to get it out of your brain. And if one person digs it as much as you do, well right the fuck on. Relevancy is great and all and I'd love my site metrics to be back up where they were - I'll obviously keep doing everything I can as it's a huge help in getting back out to conventions to see everyone but it just can't be about that.

It's about ignoring the numbers and just printing off a new page, sticking it in the proof, and staring at it for a few minutes. Feeling accomplishment and pride in your work. That rules face. This is the artistic nirvana young-ass me did not understand. Finishing a page or two a week and saying, 'Damn that panel be a fine ass piece of work!' We should all strive to get to there. Granted, a year from now we'll all think that fine ass panel is a piece of shit. But hey, it's a killer starting point.

I am so very happy to be here! :dance:
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I've been slowly rebuilding since January and I'm finally getting around to the reader art. I've realized I'm missing a lot of art from everyone since my computer crashed forever and a day ago.  SO!  If you have art that you don't see in the gallery already, please please send it to me, along with your name and link.  I would love to add it and see it!  Reader art has always been one of my favorite parts of doing a webcomic and I've missed seeing how everyone portrays SCD's little gang of misfits.

So if you have it, old or new, email it to me!

I <3 and miss you all. I hope the internet becomes less quiet as the year goes on.
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Conventions! End of chapters! End of BOOKS!

Later this month I'll be at A-Kon in Dallas. I'm super excite because I'll have not only all the new Absinthe Junk stuff, but for the first time in years, new Star Cross'd Destiny stuff!  Chapter 8 will be available in print! I can't believe my mind piece - finally, right?

Then in July I'll be at ConnectiCon for the first time ever.  Can't wait to see everyone there!

End of chapters, for real. Chapter 8 will be coming to a close next month and with the start of Chapter 9 comes the beginning of the end of Book 2.  The moment you've been waiting for - the moment I'VE been waiting for. And it's all already scripted and it's almost all completely storyboarded and lettered. And guess what! So is Chapter 10, the first chapter of Book 3!

Anyway, that all said, I'm glad to be back in the saddle and I can say, since I've completed nearly 20 pages of work that it's likely I'm back to stay.  Please please, help me spread the word and visit the site - SCD's been on radio silence for a long time and it's gonna be need everyone's help to get back on its feet.  Thank you so so SO much to everyone that's hung in there with me over the last few years. It was rough, fo'sho - but great things are ahead!

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Absinthe Junk's brand new record of epic epicness releases tomorrow worldwide!! Please check out the super groovy art-infused trailer that we put together - leave us a comment!  Share it on your social media sites if you can. We would really appreciate it.…

I hope those of you who've had a chance to listen to the new record have enjoyed it! Tell your friends, write a blog. Let's take over the world with sonic yum together as friends!
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Click the link and vote to see this year's NSFW Sex Drive image.  Juno, lightning, rain, boobage. You know you want to go to there!

Hope you enjoy!  I'll be posting 2007's and 2008's Sex Drive images next week Monday and Wednesday so don't miss out on that sensual nostalgia.  :D
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What's worse than the damage caused by this is that so many of you were supporters of our Kickstarter.  I feel like this was stolen from you, as much as it was us.

I understand that many folks can't help with this.  Those who can, we love you and appreciate you more than you'll ever know.  I just hope people see the story and know that there are so many others out there going through very similar things in an effort to succeed.  We don't have to let these things destroy us.  They can break our bank, but like hell if we'll let them break our spirits!
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You should catch up!

Because I got a whole mess of pages for you.  Welcome back, sweet friends!
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Apparently my emails to them haven't been loud enough to get the problem corrected, so I'll make this public, because it's THAT annoying.

I submitted The Verses as a print last week so I could get a hard copy for myself and three for our Kickstarter friends. They rejected the damn thing, saying that they can't print copyrighted characters without permission from the creator.


So I've emailed them to give my own personal permission to print my own created characters and requested a follow-up, as obviously I needed these services in a timely matter.  This was last week.  And now no response.

So needless to say, I'll be pulling down my printshop from here.  If there were any prints that you wanted to get from me, please email me at with the name of the work and I can see if I can hook you up with not only a better price, but better service.

So yeah, way to be DeviantArt.  I've only been here for ten years and spent probably thousands of dollars over that decade with you.  Way to take care of your people.

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Man, I miss the internet of five to ten years ago.  We talked a lot more.  We commented a hell of a lot more.  We gave feedback and conspired on plots together.  It was grand!

Now we have "like" buttons to go with our "favorite" clicks, and the dialogue about art, story, and music is just gone.  We're all so busy in our instant gratification lives that we can't take thirty seconds for our own commentary anymore.  And I say that knowing that I'm completely guilty of it too.

It's just a fucking bummer, man.  

I'm working on Page 209 of Star Cross'd Destiny and I just miss the excitement of the after dialogue which would have usually transpired in the days after the page was posted.  I won't say it's any reason at all for my slow pace on updating the comic - my life is to blame for that - but it was such a cool dynamic that was, at a lot of time, the most inspiring rush that got me working on the next page.

And if I'm suffering this across the board, I'm wondering if you are too, all my fellow comic artists, illustrators, and so on.  So I dare you to say 'The hell with it!' and start a dialogue with me.  I dare you.  Break the formula, friends!  I miss you.
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Is LIVE!  You can now download it exclusively from BandCamp.…

I hope you love it!  If you do, please share it with you friends.  Spread the word!

We go on the road next week to hit:
Madison, WI
Toledo, OH
Jackson, MI
Detroit, MI

So if you're in or near any of those cities, we'd love to rock with you!
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Do I have any friends in the Detriot, Jackon, or Lansing, Michigan areas?  Hit me up!  There are exciting things afoot.
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Seriously, spare $10 and get an early download of this record.  It's a fucking amazing piece of art and you won't want to miss it.  It's poppy, it's proggy, it's beautiful, it's heavy, intense, and delicate.  It's all these things.  It's everything you miss from mainstream music.

You have until 11:59pm CST to help support my friends and me!  Thank you SO much to everyone that helped support this adventure.  :glomp:
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To say I am simply floored by your amazing support of my band's Kickstarter is an understatement.  We're very very close to our goal and there's only a few days left.  We could not do this without you!  The record has officially gone to mastering and is ready to go to press - it has turned out to be a most incredible album, and we're so excited to share it with you.  Help us make it a reality and get yourself a sweet digital, CD, or vinyl copy while you can!

Check it out!

There are still a few of the special limited rewards, including one of my paintings, concept art, and SCD comic packages left so don't miss out. Even if you can't make a pledge to the campaign, we'd be super grateful if you could just pass on the story, the video, and the music to anyone you can find with ears.  The Kickstarter campaign ends this Saturday at 11:59pm CST.

Thank you so much to everyone for their incredible support.  We couldn't do this without you.

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We have ten days to raise $3,000 or we don't get to press our record.  Literally.

There's nothing quite like having a little website stare you in the face with numbers on it that determine whether or not your record is going to get pressed or not.  The stress that comes with that partners with morale-smashing defeat that circles the mean, spiteful 'what-if' wagon - if we don't make it, what does that mean?  Should we stop?  Is there not enough interest to pay for the things we need?  Music is so much different than comics - instead of printing books and going to convention (which yields immediate return for the most part), you have to press two versions of one CD (one for radio that's clean, one for retail), the vinyl (if you're hip), pay for a press release, pay to have it distributed to radio and TV (thousands of dollars by itself), pay to produce music videos (thousands of dollars again), fund a tour, and then you wait.  You wait for the half of a cent you get every time your songs are played on the radio, Pandora, or Spotify (it really is only a half of a cent with most places), you wait usually six months at least for TV royalties (if you ever see them), and if you tour, you just hope like hell the venue is going to pay you so you can get to your next gig.

That's no exaggeration and reading it back, it's really a wonder why I ever jumped over to music in the first place from the soft towels and hotels that was doing comics.  It comes a lot easier, that's the simple reason, and I feel alive when I do it.  That's enough usually.  But this record, it's beautiful.  It's a masterpiece from the packaging to the sounds.  The thought that it could just go unheard is heartbreaking because I honestly think there's something on it for everyone - something to love, a soundtrack for a part of your life, like it is for mine.  

I guess my point is: it's a lot harder on this side of the street to do just about anything. I called SCD a labor of love, and it is, but Junk has my songchildren. I have ten days to reflect on them and mingle with that four letter word, hope.  It's going to be a long ten days indeed.
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You should watch this.
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