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Three or four days of work and dedication put into this and it's finally done! My Ruby Shimeji!

- = D o w n l o a d s = -

= = = = = = = = = =

Feel free to report any glitches that you may find in the shimeji!
Oh, and, be careful with the mischievous one. =w="

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar
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go under the behaviors file in the conf to fix this issue for the chase mouse not going to the sitandfacemouse animation

    <Behavior Name="ChaseMouse" Frequency="50">
<NextBehaviorList Add="false">          (if you add "List" to the "<NextBehavior"s it will fix the issue of not going to the next animation
<BehaviorReference Name="SitAndFaceMouse" Frequency="100" />

<Behavior Name="SitAndFaceMouse" Frequency="60">
<NextBehaviorList Add="false">
<BehaviorReference Name="ChaseMouse" Frequency="50" />
<BehaviorReference Name="SitAndSpinHead" Frequency="50" />
<BehaviorReference Name="Winking" Frequency="50" />
<BehaviorReference Name="Blinking" Frequency="50" />
<BehaviorReference Name="SitWhileDanglingLegs" Frequency="50" />
<BehaviorReference Name="SitDown" Frequency="100" />

also the position of the png's for the grab mouse animation is off just change the image anchor in the conf folder with the actions file under grab mouse its somewhere in the bottom 

the blinking is a frame off though so I would delete it and then change the winking name to blinking
and use the other animations.

If you want I could make the alterations and then send you the file when i'm done! 

That should be everything!
thanks to cachumon for his shimejis for helping me figure this out!