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Caslevania - Mathias Cronqvist

New fan art guys! I created the background in a real canvas! I hope you enjoy it!

Please, follow my pages:





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Out of all the castlevania characters Mathias is one of the most beautifulest men in the entire castlevania universe.

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I always keep coming back to stare at this image of Mathias, it’s just too good. 👌🏻👌🏻

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Funfact, in Jojo universe, he’s only 15 years old 🤣

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This illustration is great, Junki-San Mathias looks great. I also drew Mathias and I have uploaded as well.

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This illustration is perfect, you are the best. Why dont you work for konami? you are really good!!! ¿Tell me, can I download this image or where can I pay for it to download it? I want the image for personal use only!!! Thank you, please!!!

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Hey man! I can send you the art, I tell you the price via Instagram, I also will send you a DM here too! Thank you :)

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That is INCREDIBLE!! Ayama would LOVE you right now! Her art is amazing!!
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Ayami Kojima would be proud.
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The man who despises God for the loss of his wives.

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great work by the way. ^^ 
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Yeah! Thank you so much!
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ah the real dracula for me.
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I love the painterly-heavy brushstrokes you did on this one, but still keeping the character in your style. Nice job!
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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome!
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100% love it. Thank you for your talent.
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I'm glad you like my art! Thank you!
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This is so beautiful :love::love::love:
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Alright!! *claps hands and rubs them together* Let's delve in!

Goes without saying this is an absolutely gorgeous, fantastic piece; I loved the WiP posts you made for this!
Overall the visuals are so stunning; sharp and demanding of attention! The colour scheme is glorious; the background is so textured, alive, and powerful! It's an aura; it adds so much character. The placement and mixture of the red and dark pull the attention so beautifully to the head of the subject, guiding eyes to focus on them. I love you made it on actual canvas; that is such a brilliant idea and it adds so much. Wonderful technique!

And the character; oh how I love how you portrayed them. In balance to the sharp of the background and colours, his pose is so soft; almost sensual and demure, and yet still so powerful. I love the sharper outline around him to make that sharp distinction and pull away from the background, and all the softer shading of his skin. It adds to the softness so much; I love all the detail in the shading too in the muscles. I really enjoy the shading above his shoulder; it's a detail I see missed by a lot of people, so of course I absolutely am delighted when it doesn't go overlooked. The vibrant red of the necklace matches the background around his head so wonderfully and delights the eye as it pulls focus to there, allowing the viewer to then admire his beautiful arm. The fabric at the crook of his arm is delightful as well; you can see there is still motion in it as though he was moving but got captured mid-motion. 
His hair is glorious; expression so alive and striking. 

My eyeballs have been blessed once again! Keep up the amazing work, Jun! \*0*/ 
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