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Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp by pillze69:thumb63970281: JunkbyJen - Think PINK Contest by nirman

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Welcome friends to my Annual Think Pink IV contest in celebration of my upcoming 8th year as a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR! There are simple but necessary rules to go by. Please read them carefully and if you have any questions afterwards, please note me BEFORE you submit your deviation so that we can prevent problems.


*Starts: Monday, Aug 3rd, 2009
*Ends: Friday, October 2nd at 11:59 EST

*Winners will be announced on Sunday, Oct 4th

*ALL entries MUST be submitted to:
Contests > Think Pink IV or they WILL get missed!
*All entries MUST be made on or AFTER Aug 3rd, 2009 and specifically for this contest.
*No copywrite material can be used whatsoever or your entry will be disqualified and you will be reported :D
*Visual images must list any references used in their work, be it stock, pose reference, etc.
*Judges will be only me and my hubby, Troy.

*The theme is THINK PINK for breast cancer awareness and as such, please make your entries accordingly. We really don't need to see some zombie munching on someone as your entry, etc. In case you're not sure what exactly you're supposed to do, please NOTE me with any questions BEFORE you submit your work so there's no confusion.

*These are the following separate categories that will be judged:
(Feel free to view last year's winners! news.deviantart.com/article/59… or take a lookie at the entries last year for an idea of what the contest is about! www.deviantart.com/#catpath=co…

:bulletpink:Digital Painting-Airbrushing/Drawing
:bulletpink:Digital Photomanipulation MUST have Resource credits in your description or the entry will be ignored.
:bulletpink:Digital Mixed Media List resources here as well.
:bulletpink:Artisan Crafts
:bulletpink:CSS Design (Not many rules here except use your imagination and they MUST have pinks incorporated somewhere and list resources used, if any.
:bulletpink:Text Art
:bulletpink:Customization (which includes Dolls/Emoticons/Icons/Handhelds/Visualizations/Wallpaper
:bulletpink:Traditional Art

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!!*PLEASE note that everyone may have UNLIMITED entries in any and ALL categories. BUT, in your description of each entry, it MUST, I repeat, MUST state what category it is for so that I can judge properly. If it doesn't, I'm afraid it will not be judged on.


The following prizes are donated generously from the Community Relations Team! Additional prizes will be announced in my journal as I recieve notes from wonderful donators. All categories will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner plus 2 honorable mentions and those prizes are as follows.

All 1st Places:
1 year sub + a Fella

All 2nd Places:
6 month sub + $20 devcash

All 3rd Places:
3 month sub + $15 devcash

All Honorable Mentions:
1 month sub + dA sticker pack

From ME:
For each official entry submitted, I will personally donate 10 cents to the Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer research! All winners will also be featured in a news article by me.

***It's not required, but if you also wish to donate something as well, even a journal feature, you're very welcome to. Just NOTE me with the details and I'll add them to the list.:w00t:***

THANK YOU ALL and get those entries going!! I'm very excited to see them! :heart:

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sky-himmelStudent Photographer
I think it is over , so when you will make another one?
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This article was back from 2009 :) There's a new one going on for Think Pink VI on my main journal page.
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Sea468Student Photographer
how do i submit the artwork??? HELP!!
JunkbyJen's avatar
In this newsletter it says to submit to CONTESTS > THINK PINK V. So instead of submitting to whatever category you'd normally put your work, you'll choose that instead. Just list in your description what category it will be judged in.
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Sea468Student Photographer
o ok! would u like me to comment below to the link?
JunkbyJen's avatar
No, I don't need the link. You just need to submit it to the CONTESTS > THINK PINK V. :) Thanks!
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Sea468Student Photographer
hmm.. ok
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If only i had known!! my partner has just got the all clear for Breast Cancer and it been a v tough year!! So i support this entirely!! <3 <3
BeaumanZero's avatar
I may have missed the date... but i'll show some support :)
ATCs-By-Faeorain's avatar
Oh man...I just missed the deadline. I finished my card today.
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Katerina-ArtProfessional Traditional Artist
I just entered the contest too hope i made the deadline!!
beautiful entries from everyone :heart:
JupiterBlossem's avatar
JupiterBlossemHobbyist Digital Artist
My mum's had breast cancer twice now, and she's had a double masectomy, so I think I will definatly try to enter this contest!
JupiterBlossem's avatar
JupiterBlossemHobbyist Digital Artist
Blow! I've just seen it ends tonight! T_T
grew-up-a-screw-up's avatar
grew-up-a-screw-upStudent General Artist
my mum has breast cancer so i wanna
enter for her (sniff sniff) im sad but this
isnt only for my mum but everyother woman
who has been affected by this horrible disease!

so here goes nothing!
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TdesignstudioProfessional Digital Artist
Feel free to looking at my entry to “Think Pink IV Contest":love:
Is dedication to my aunt R.I.P -09 and all those how battled with cancer and lost=(
heavymetalteacup's avatar
heavymetalteacupHobbyist General Artist
I'll see what I can come up with. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor.
pegasusfreeze5867's avatar
pegasusfreeze5867Hobbyist Writer
I'm glad this is going well for all the breast cancer patients and survivors :) :bulletpink:
LegacyMoon's avatar
I entered but don't know if I did it right so I noted you!
aQua-Style's avatar
Thats awesome:thumbsup:
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Vane553Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:omfg:...this sounds really interesting! i :heart: causes like this one, cuz with this amazing theme you are encouraging people to notice Breast Cancer and to spread the word to prevent it! I can't imagine the hell you must have been through but i'm sure you feel more alive than ever, YOU SURVIVED! This world deserves more generous people like you!

I'll definitely try and enter something!
spirittina's avatar
spirittina Digital Artist
i might get an entry in :)
joanawn's avatar
This is definitely going to be on my journal! Thank you for this great iniciative!
vrhmq7's avatar
vrhmq7Professional Photographer
My mom is a survivor so I am entering in her honor!
axentric's avatar
Congratulations! That is something that is hard to go through I can only imagine but you ARE a survivor! And just making these contest and making other women aware of this is very kind of you.

It would be nice if I can try and make something and submit it soon. :)

Take care.

- Christen Kojnok
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