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I Support Traditional Art
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Published: February 12, 2006
© 2006 - 2019 JunkbyJen
This was whipped up in honor of , one of my sweet 'ego-strokers'. Please feel free to add to your own journals or stamp collection by typing : thumb28948312 : (without the spaces)Enjoy!! :hug:
Made in PSP7
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Yebba3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Using! I don't like seeing people draw on screens. I'm not even trying to sound like a ''back in my day'' kind of person. The only reason I have digital art is because I'm too lazy to upload my real ones. 
petewentztheemogod's avatar
petewentztheemogodStudent General Artist
traditional art is kinda... looked down upon in today's society. everyone is making absolute masterpieces with digital programs such as sai and photoshop, so what's the point of traditional anymore? i kinda find at points that digital is kinda cheating, with the blur tool and the fill tool and such. it takes real skill to do traditional art, while most anyone could do something decent on digital art. 
ViktoriaMagrey's avatar
ViktoriaMagreyHobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, no. That is not true in the slightest. If you can DRAW you will draw good in both. I dare ya, go and do what they do. Pretty much no one can.
Also, looked down upon is a total lie. Digital art is frowned upon by purists who cannot get over the fact you can use a computer to draw. A

There are no filters for anatomy, posing, shading, lighting, and oh dear god the abominations a lot of people do by trying to cheat with the filler and blur tool are truly appaling. Short story; it does not work if you do it.
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momofrog663Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Using :)
ScrewUp24's avatar
ScrewUp24Student General Artist
Sarahsaurus8's avatar
Sarahsaurus8Hobbyist Traditional Artist
totally using!! ^^
LittleFluffyPenguin's avatar
LittleFluffyPenguinHobbyist Traditional Artist
Using ^^ thank you!
alicebeilschmidt12's avatar
alicebeilschmidt12Hobbyist Writer
i'm going to use this if you don't mind 
Pepsi-CoIa's avatar
Pepsi-CoIaHobbyist Artist
heck yus!
LafflyAdopts's avatar
Thank you for making this stamp! :glob:
I am a Traditional and Digital artist, but sadly its hard to find good Traditional supporting stamps :(
cyndaquilgirl's avatar
cyndaquilgirlHobbyist General Artist
go TRADITIONAL!!!! :dunmm:
SegaDisneyUniverse's avatar
SegaDisneyUniverseStudent General Artist
I'm all about traditoinal art,it's what started it all!:iconsuperw00tplz:
ClearFog's avatar
ClearFogHobbyist Digital Artist
I support all Art....
I do traditional, but why not support traditional?
it's where everything starts...
GirIsANinja's avatar
I do support traditional art!! Only because I don't have SAI or Adobe Photoshop....
PinkyBlossom's avatar
traditional art is the best yay :w00t:
XOrengenOX's avatar
XOrengenOXHobbyist Digital Artist
Definitely C:
Amble's avatar
Amble Writer
I would love too use this if you don't mind.^^
Amble's avatar
Amble Writer
Thank you.:heart:
Faerie-StarV's avatar
Faerie-StarVHobbyist General Artist
I support it too! It's been awhile since I draw in traditional way, I kinda missed doing it. I'm adding it to my stamp collection! :dance:
silversister's avatar
When one like me just can't afford crazy expensive computer do-hickys, one just has to... "struggle" with whatever else is left! :D

Traditional art proudness, right here! :3
WiltedAyame's avatar
Oh, I very much agree with this! I'm tired of hearing people say talk about how digital art can create much better things/is limitless/is the light and that traditional art can't ever catch up. While digital art is cool and opens up a lot of possibilities, I think they're forgetting about every artist ever before them!

Masterpieces have been created- and yet some people act like traditional art is puny and can't produce anything at all.

Thanks for the stamp! I've been annoyed too long. W00t!
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im traditional art deviant too
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