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My Guitar

By Junk-Messiah
Yeah..this is my guitar...I haven't done anything to the photo, it's just a simple snapshot...
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Please, there is no way that is your guitar. ESP custom shop models are all around $8000 USD for what are essentially, fancifully painted versions of existing models. A whole new design, especially an intricate one such as this could easily be over $10,000 USD. 
I have an ESP custom shop guitar, and while it looks beautiful, it is harder to play the higher you go because of the shape. It is not worth the price, unless you are a collector.
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That o.o
Customuse's avatar
Did you commission this? How's the sound?
Moziin's avatar
holy shit! that is amazing! other words...
LegacyWriter's avatar
How well does it play though? I can imagine getting the acoustics right on a frame like that could be really hard...
PyroAnubis's avatar
Oh my fucking lord, that is epic.
Mienoo's avatar
even the heavens rock^^
Tygran-Harrock's avatar
I love your guitar........................ mer gerd
Stymalin's avatar
that guitar is the most gorgeous thing i have ever fucking seen! rock on!
i'm an esp fan , but every time i see one of these i think they are fairy tales:D to me my own esp sv is fairy tale too:D i love these bitches
tak9's avatar
Toshihiko Takamizawa ? :))))))
Arthusbuttkick's avatar
Holly. Did you make this? This is amazing!
WerewolfAlex's avatar
Oh wow this is awesome! Wish there was a video of you playing this! D:
MohammadAllahi's avatar
Beautiful but not good for playing pro
unp0ssible's avatar
I'd go pro if I played this.
GaiaTheHedgehog15's avatar
DAMN good for playing pro!!!
Aseika's avatar
damn! nice instrument.
ComancheSamurai's avatar
I'm speechless....
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TheGrimmZero's avatar
JESUS mother f*cking christ !!!
that is awesome =D
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