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Important Stuff :p

It's about time I announced the rules and other essential info around here again, eh? :iconsweatdropplz: Hehe. Anyway...

:bulletblue::bulletpurple:About the Group:bulletpurple::bulletblue:

Hey. This group is dedicated to the spunky, cool Te Xuan Ze, Juniper Lee and company from the cartoon, "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee". So, if you have love for June, then come on and join us.

:bulletblue::bulletpurple:How to Join:bulletpurple::bulletblue:

For those of you who haven't figured it out, it is no longer required to send a note inquiring to join. Instead, all you have to do is press the "Join this Group" icon at the top of the page, and you're in. In addition, I ask that all members please, I repeat, please :+devwatch: our group so that you are aware of any contest updates or any other information.

-> Ya gotta be a fan of Juniper Lee and/or any other supporting characters. A fairly obvious rule, but just sayin'. :iconheehee-plz:
-> We accept fan fiction and rough sketches along with the expected art. Please don't hesitate to submit those as well.
-> For all submissions, however, we ask that you keep it to 3 per day.
-> The prize procedures are still to be determined, since we did away with the Points System. >_> Stay tuned for that.
-> Be sure to participate in our occasional contests. Our current contest is:

Juniper Lee meets...

(Description in journal)
-> Absolutely no bashing will be tolerated. (i.e. character bashing, art bashing, etc.) It's petty, and after a single warning, you will be removed from the club and reported. :iconredpassplz:
-> You don't have to submit stuff, but you could still participate in voting and responding to journals. That still deems you as an active member.
-> Please enjoy the group! :)

:bulletblue::bulletpurple:Submission Guidelines:bulletblue::bulletpurple:

The following rules apply to both art and fan fiction deviations:

-> Please keep all submissions at a maximum PG-13 level. This is a club dedicated to a kid's cartoon show, after all.

That means no "overly" revealing outfits, suggestive themes, or gore. I'll willing to tolerate some blood, if desired.
-> For Pete's sake, do not steal other people's deviations. Not only will you be reported and banned from the club, you'll be looked at... as a thief. So, don't be stupid and steal other folk's art. It's not cool.
-> When I get around to doing so, I will make a separate folder for Contest submissions. >_>

Pretty much, if you want to affiliate with us, then press the "Affiliate" tab at the top of the page. We're open to any active group who wishes to connect with ours... well, except hate/anti groups. We like to keep things positive around here.:iconthatsrightplz:
I'll edit and change this as the group progresses. If you have any questions or concerns, please note Amigurl. I'll get back to you ASAP. :tunes:

Gallery Folders

Juniper Lee Season One (Shout! Factory DVD) by RedheadXilamGuy
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June and Friends... or just the friends. XD
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This is my existence and era by black-shaddow-walker


Juniper Lee by Kawaii-Nyu-Chan Juniper Lee :iconkawaii-nyu-chan:Kawaii-Nyu-Chan 20 8 Juniper lee manga by Shiraky Juniper lee manga :iconshiraky:Shiraky 5 4 Juniper Lee by miaki Juniper Lee :iconmiaki:miaki 217 21 Juniper Lee The End of a Hard Fight by 1Snoopierdass Juniper Lee The End of a Hard Fight :icon1snoopierdass:1Snoopierdass 284 58 Anime Juniper Lee - Colored by SirDread Anime Juniper Lee - Colored :iconsirdread:SirDread 150 12 Juniper Lee by zmorphcom Juniper Lee :iconzmorphcom:zmorphcom 126 83 Juniper Long by geoffHeaven Juniper Long :icongeoffheaven:geoffHeaven 245 12 Juniper Lee in KND style by Numbuh00 Juniper Lee in KND style :iconnumbuh00:Numbuh00 57 36 Juniper and Ray Ray by J8d Juniper and Ray Ray :iconj8d:J8d 627 98
Cool June pics for your viewing pleasure.


Newest Members

sorry this is a bit delayed still trying to back into the swing of things.

Anyway i thought we could draw fusionfall juniper Lee. you can choose juniper her self, the evil juniper, or the nano juniper.  Or if you all want mix and match them.The fusionfall Juniper has a gold dragon design down her leg. I couldn't find the design image of it so have fun designing one.


Character: Fusionfall Juniper lee

Reference: At juniper lee Fans blog…

Time length: 9/26/2011-10/10/2011

Character Info: In FusionFall, June originally did not want to participate in the war, as she said she didn't fight aliens, but she investigated the invasions and found that the invasion was a threat to both man and magic which got her to join the fight. Though her status as the Te-Xuan-Ze should prevent her from leaving Orchid Bay, she is found in Nowhere in the Wilds. The only major NPC in Orchid Bay is Grim, whom Juniper refers to as her friend, meaning that there is a possibility that she made a "deal with death" which allowed her to leave the city

All you need to know:

Info : Each Topic will be posted and you will have a week to draw each topic. Once The date has passed the topic will be closed.

What can I submit?: You can submit anything from a sketch to finish work.

Whats the point?: This is to get you to draw/write and talk about the characters. Even some of your favorite moments with them. How your image looks, from pro to beginner, doesn’t matter as long as you have fun.

Some Extra: Because the Quality of the image doesn’t matter don’t go to someones page and tell them they suck. If anything leave something positive or encouraging. Remember they are Juniper lee fans as well so be nice to fellow fans.

over all enjoy and have fun!

More Journal Entries


Here are all of the peeps in charge of this place. We are currently looking for prize artists. If you are interested, then please refer to the journal below.







Group Info

This group is dedicated to the spunky, cool Te Xuan Ze, Juniper Lee and cast of the cartoon "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee".

So, if you have love for June, then click the magical "Join the Group" tab, and we'll welcome you to the club. If you don't, then just keep it moving. Go on, shoo.
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