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So I need to get rid of these adopts.
50% off of all available adopts.
Get them while you can!
Some are as low as 5:points:

Cheap Adopts Too [{OPAN}] by SainteCiel

Cheap Adopts! [{OPAN}] by SainteCiel
Furry Demon Adoptables [{OPAN}] by SainteCiel
First come - first serve
Thank you for looking!
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"Oh my! Floppy Giveaway"


Do you want an amazing plushy?
ofc you do...

StarMassacre is holding a contest till SAT, JANUARY 31st! @ 12pm (Noon) GMT.
Be sure to enter before it ends!

All you have to do is write a journal to have yourself entered into the giveaway.
Simple enough!

Winners will be chosen on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1st!

If you'd like to see what exactly she's giving away here's an album of a lot of examples of her work:…

And here's the actual giveaway journal from StarMassacre herself!
<da:thumb id="509595824"/>

Join the giveaway ASAP!

It's ending soooooooon!!!
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Hey dA!

I'm getting back into clay sculpting.

But I need to get some good examples before I open commissions...

So I'm doing freebies~
This will be FREE for the commission.
If you don't like yours it's no problem!
But if you do, and want it, I will ship it to you just for the cost of shipping.
(You will receive a tracking number and everything just as if it was a full commission.)

Things I'm NOT looking for: Overly complex OC's or too basic of designs. Not more than one accessory. If it's a human or the basic shape / size resembling a human OC then you can expect it to be made in a cute 'chibi' sort of way. But keep in mind, not looking for human / human - like OC's. 

Things I'm DEFIANTLY looking for : Closed specie designs. Maybe wolves, they're a soft spot. I love sculpting dragons! If your OC is original and interesting I'm more likely to pick it!

I reserve the right to turn down requests due to lack of inspiration or due to my time limit.
I plan to have these done next week sometime.
All clay sculptures will be made from Polymer Clay and be painted for detailing.
To turn your OC sculpture into a charm your sculpture must be under two inches tall and normally that means less detail.

I do take requests so if you're interested in seeing something made you might want to buy feel free to ask!
Never hurts to ask!

If you're interested please feel free to comment or note me about this opportunity.
To be considered I'll need a reference of your OC and a brief description of what you're looking for.
Remember to note how big you're looking for it to be.
'I want it small enough to wear as a necklace on a chain.'
'I want my sculpture to stand out on my desk at work.'
These are helpful so I can measure what size will be best!

A big thank you to everyone who plans on offering their OC!

I appreciate the help!
And an early thank you for letting me use your lovely OCs!

- Current List -
This list will change.
It is ranked from greatest interest to lower interest.
If you aren't listed, I'm sorry.
Time and materials are limited.

1.) Trinanigans for
  Mojito ref vol2 by Trinanigans

2.) alleycat for
We Were Born Sick by aIIeycat
3.) WolfieScene for…


- Extra Slots -
These are my maybes!
If I have the time / supplies I will make them.
Not ranked...this will depend on what's left over and level of detail...etc.

ChuChu-jellie for 
<da:thumb id="465112663"/>
iMikaTan for
Hani by iMikaTan
SenkaBekic for
CLOSED by Jaibrau

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Selling a rather large load of art. My OC : Nyt.
Iaza12519477505900 By Jazzicorn-d5d1g2w by GrimNyt…

I don't use her anymore. She's been with me for maybe 2 years now, but I never draw her anymore...and need to save money for a new tablet. Please only reasonable offers via paypal. I can't imagine how much I've put into her.

I've reduced the prices on all my adopts that are currently available!
Most by 50% or more!
Check them out. I might even be able to work with you on the prices if you buy more than one!

Furry Demon Adoptables [{OPAN}] by SainteCiel
Cheap Adopts! [{OPAN}] by SainteCiel<da:thumb id="507173900"/>
Adopt Set One by SainteCiel Adopt Set Two by SainteCiel

Also I've got a few unused OC's that need good homes...
Just make me an offer in points or paypal.
Also most of these are off my spare account GrimNyt just so there's no confusion, I never use the account or the OCs in it.

Sale -Foxi Troxi- by GrimNyt ToxiDroxi by GrimNyt<da:thumb id="334193332"/> Dusk Hallow by GrimNyt

This is all the art of Monarch:…

Journal Coding By Jaci-Mae-Art
Full Art of Kiribo: PENGUlN
Head-Shot of Kiribo: keamutt
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Vulpes are feline-like creatures that dwell in caves, hide in dense forests, explore water ways and even roam the deserts. They are found all over the world and adapt rather easily to their surroundings. Mature Vulpe males have unique powers of nature that aid them in protecting their homes, cubs, and mates. Young male Vulpes get their natural abilities from their father’s ability. (If the father can control the growth of plants the son will have a similar ability; like control over anything that grows.) It's rare, but some Vulpes have been found to have up to three abilities.

Vulpes mate for life.

A mated female Vulpe takes on the same powers as their mates; previous to their mating, female Vulpes do not have any powers beyond their natural abilities. Also the jewel that's implanted in their mask normally glows a similar color to their coat of fur. When a female mates, her jewel will turn the same color as her mate's jewel. 

A Vulpe's life span is 50 years. Young Vulpes are called cubs. A cub is a Vulpe under two years old, after two it is able to hunt, gather food, and find shelter on its own; so it parts ways from its mother and father or group.

A Vulpe reaches sexual maturity around the age of three or four. Once a Vulpe reaches his or her sexual maturity they tend to be more vocal. They are able to communicate with mostly body language but around their sexual maturity they start vocally communicating to each other in a very mysterious language only known to them.

A female Vulpe will claim a 'domain'; normally an area of about one or two miles. The bigger or stronger the female the more land she will claim. Females are OBSESSED with objects. Anything colorful, bright, shiny or interesting they will bring back to their nests. Smaller females of mating age tend to band together in small groups for protection. Normally these small 'packs' are at max two females in one domain.

A sexually mature (single) male Vulpe travels as free as a bird; it's not uncommon for the male's coat to change colors due to a change of his environment, but not by very much. Once a male Vulpe catches the scent of a female Vulpe in heat he can't help but be vocal. The sounds of a male Vulpe tracking can be heard miles around when the conditions are just right.
Once the male has tracked the female to her din he goes to work searching for the perfect offering for her. The wrong item could cost him a lifelong partner. Once he has found something worthy he approaches her din carefully and will place it in clear sight of the walk way. He will sit there for days waiting on her to take the gift or deny it. A female has been known to make a male wait as long as a week to deny or accept the token. He only has one chance so he sits patiently at the entrance to her den as long as it takes to get his answer. It's not uncommon for a unique and rare female Vulpe to have as many as three or four males waiting at her den to propose.

Vulpes come in many colors but what is most common is their size. An adult male Vulpe is called a 'Todd'. Todds can reach the size of an extra-large K-9. (Around 200lbs or so...)

Female Vulpes are called Vixens. A matured Vixen is more lean and muscular. They normally weigh around 170 - 180lbs. Vixens are the protective type; they hunt, gather and protect the den. While Todds stay close to the den keeping the cubs safe inside. Todds tend to work on their abilities and use them to better their den or help protect it in times of need.

Free Journal by SainteCiel
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Half off Adopts by SainteCiel, journal

Plushy Give Away!!! by SainteCiel, journal

Free Clay Sculptures of Your OC~ by SainteCiel, journal

Reduced Adopt Prices / OCs for sell or trade by SainteCiel, journal

(Closed Species) Vulpes by SainteCiel, journal