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Blossoms/Neoteny 2



A quick follow-up to yesterday’s upload ...
The colored piece at the top would be an alternative life cycle for organisms whose blossoms turn into plant-like organisms that are able to reproduce sexually. Nymphs would only be born from blossoms created through intercourse between two animals. After giving birth, the blossom would turn into an even more plant-like organism that could create blossoms too but no nymph could come from these... So intercourse between two animals would create animals and "plants", while intercourse between two of those would only create more "plants". This is just an idea though, so it might not stay like that.

The lower drawing is what I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s upload: a species of nrgwenyid with extreme sexual dimorphism. Both sexes exhibit a form of neoteny, the males resemble nymphs, while the females are very blossom-like. They are anchored to the ground through a root-like ventral foot that absorbs nutrients from the soil while their four large wings gather energy by photosynthesizing. Adult males are very short-lived and only have one single purpose: reproduction. They do not eat in their short existence - they don’t even have a mouth or a digestive tract.
The females’ reproductive organs have migrated to the inside of their oral cavity. The males crawl into there and deposit their sperm, which can be stored by the female. After that, the males die and are digested by the female to supply her with additional energy to produce her seeds.

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Stuff like this is why Aurora is the most creative speculative biology planet I have ever come across.