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RIP Paul Bearer
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Bill Moody (aka Paul Bearer) was an incredible manager. His commitment to his silly mortician gimmick helped put the Undertaker over in a big way, well before Taker would have been capable of doing it himself. That’s the hallmark of a great manager. And he did this not once, but twice—also helping to introduce Kane. Mr. Fuji eat your heart out.

I was pretty bummed to hear that he’d died. I always enjoyed his work, and marveled at his ability to make those stupid faces and squeal with that goofy voice, and still manage to make you believe. And let’s not forget that his name was a bad pun on his “profession.” He did some remarkable stuff in his time, and despite not being on TV for awhile, he shall be missed and remembered.

My thoughts go out to his family.


BTW: This is the first completed piece I’ve done using Manga Studio 5. I’m still on the fence about the changes they made to the inking, and the bummed that they didn’t carry over all of the image flipping options they had in MSEX4. Of course, I’m still learning how the program works, so if there is a way to turn those options on so they’re readily available, I haven’t found it yet.

The “Stabilizing” feature is going to take some getting used to. I really liked the “Correction” option for inking in EX4, but Stabilizing might be better in the long run. The lines sure seem a lot crisper now than before, but in order to really get the lines I want, I have to slow my stroke down quite a bit, which makes the process feel like it’s dragging longer than it should.

I’m not unhappy with MS5, but I’m still doing the bulk of my work in EX4 right now for the reasons stated above. I definitely look forward to playing with it some more in the future.
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Shinjuchan|Professional Traditional Artist
Your artwork has been added to PNT’s ‘Paul Bearer Memorial Wall’ @ the Undertaker Fan Club’s DeviantART outlet: [link]
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juniorbethyname|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! Thanks!
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