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MonoLite Plus 0.4.3



This is a Last.fm version that integrated some Last.fm service such as scrobble tracks you're listening and love a song though a simple buttom click. This version is only for foobar2000 1.0.

Installation guide, tips and more information please download the archive and READ THE README FILE.

1. Sometimes crash on closing foobar2000, not frequently, i'm still working on it, it's welcome if someone can work it out.

2. Sometimes you get random freezes on track change. If it's annoying, try to delete foo_uie_lyrics2.dll.

What's new in 0.4.3 [2010-02-02 update]?
* Last.fm WSH Panel code updated, no more script editing. Everything is set via the context menu. Big thanks to marc2003
* Some minor bugs were fixed
* DA preview changed, hope you like it :D

* MonoLite original created by fanco86 [link]
* MonoLite Plus created by Sparanoid [link]
* MonoLite Plus is a modified version of MonoLite.
* Last.fm WSH Panel code is created by marc2003 [link]
* CD icon is created by PaulEnsane [link]
* Love icon is created by Tango Desktop Project [link]
* Exclamation icon is created by Yusuke Kamiyamane [link]
* Library views code based on 2E7AH on hydrogenaudio.org [link]
* DeviantART background: [link]
* DeviantART background (Old): [link]
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is this compatible with foobar version 1.3.3 ?