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MonoLite Plus 0.4.3
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Published: January 20, 2010
This is a Last.fm version that integrated some Last.fm service such as scrobble tracks you're listening and love a song though a simple buttom click. This version is only for foobar2000 1.0.

Installation guide, tips and more information please download the archive and READ THE README FILE.

1. Sometimes crash on closing foobar2000, not frequently, i'm still working on it, it's welcome if someone can work it out.

2. Sometimes you get random freezes on track change. If it's annoying, try to delete foo_uie_lyrics2.dll.

What's new in 0.4.3 [2010-02-02 update]?
* Last.fm WSH Panel code updated, no more script editing. Everything is set via the context menu. Big thanks to marc2003
* Some minor bugs were fixed
* DA preview changed, hope you like it :D

* MonoLite original created by fanco86 [link]
* MonoLite Plus created by Sparanoid [link]
* MonoLite Plus is a modified version of MonoLite.
* Last.fm WSH Panel code is created by marc2003 [link]
* CD icon is created by PaulEnsane [link]
* Love icon is created by Tango Desktop Project [link]
* Exclamation icon is created by Yusuke Kamiyamane [link]
* Library views code based on 2E7AH on hydrogenaudio.org [link]
* DeviantART background: [link]
* DeviantART background (Old): [link]
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Comments (238)
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is this compatible with foobar version 1.3.3 ?
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indeedwatson|Hobbyist Artist
Would it be possible to use the exact same bottom bar in my own CUI skin?
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slowboyfast|Professional Interface Designer
It's possible, you just need to know which lines of BG script to copy. Same goes for WSH Volume and WSH Seek Bar.
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Weird, the UI looks totally different when I install it?? No green at all: [link]
Can someone help me please?
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Ok, sorry for the bad url to the img (bad image file hosting). Here is a better link
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I have some problem the red heart when I click the red heart nothing happened . While I go back to check Last.fm , No songs add heart.
However I have set my username and api key.
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where i can found red heart context menu?
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einverne's avatar
right click the right heart
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Crashes everywhere :/ [link]
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Zim-Sala-Bim's avatar
Absolutely great and beautiful skin! Thanks for creating and thanks for sharing, I love it!
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I'm new in using foobar and believe me, I've already googled but maybe I'm using the wrong keywords so I'll just ask it here directly. How do I add the biography tab?
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Do I need an api account for loving tracks to work?
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Also, the lyrics don't show up, I get <a href=[link]>Find lyrics on Lyricfly.com
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brutalrussian's avatar
How do you hide the title bar and window borders and still be able to move the window?
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i don't have Columns UI i did install foobar for hte first time now after seening the skin
Columns UI is not available on display only default
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This is pretty fantastic, but I think it should display what's playing somewhere else in addition to the titlebar. Nevertheless, I'm sticking with it. Good job man, you've done a good service for many who use f2k!
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if you have problems with:
Scripting Engine Initialization Failed (GUID: 5DB6173B-8325-480E-8302-360E421ECF7D, CODE: 0x80020101)
Check the console for more detailed information (Always caused by unexcepted script error).

Yoou must aplly an administration privilage to folder Foobar:

do that:
- right cli on folder foobar -> properties -> Securitys
- now click Edit button
- click Add... button
- type "All" (without quotes) in white background
- and OK, etc..
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Thanks for the nice skin, but I've got couple of suggestions / questions.

1) How to make the skin show the artist of each individual track in albums by various artists?
2) How to make it show current timing of a track?
3) How to add a separate album cover window?

Thanks a lot!
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For some reason when I follow your instructions I only get this: [link]

Do you know what's wrong?

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jeoma12|Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe you followed the PORTABLE instructions, but you have the NORMAL version?
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i'm using it and love it, but i just realized it doesn't display the track info such as what is currently playing and what length of the song you are currently at which is a real bummer. but it's the first foobar skin i've been able to successfully get the last fm thing to work with so i'm gonna keep it. good job mate
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This is a great theme. Can you teach me how to add an extra tab (like "tracklist") in the UI? I want to add my UPnP Controller (it´s a plugin) to such a tab.
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I dont have no "General"-Tab under Prefernce. Can somone help? i'm using v1.1.7
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How do i hide the titlebar?
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