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MonoLite Plus 0.1

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>>>>>>>>>>LASTEST VERSION: 0.4<<<<<<<<<<


== MonoLite Plus 0.1 by Sparanoid
== created on 14:09 2009/11/23
== lastest version download it here: [link]

== MonoLite Plus Setup Guide

* Copy all files in archive to your fooobar2000 folder.
* Run foobar2000 and select Columns UI.
* Go to foobar2000 Preferences -> Display -> Columns UI, then import the skin file 'mono_lite.fcl'.
* Enjoy.

== For Advanced Customizer
* Go to Preferences -> Media Library -> Quick Search Toolbar, then you can point the search icon to \skin\mono_lite\search.bmp
* Go to Preferences -> Tools -> Lyric Show Panel, switch to 'Misc' tab then you can import lyric display settings from 'mono_lite.lspd'

== Credits
* MonoLite original by fanco86 [link]
* MonoLite Plus by Sparanoid [link]
* MonoLite Plus is a modified version of MonoLite.
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Love this theme, switched from masood_ to this because this actually works, lol.

Great work on the skin, keep it up.
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How do I import the skin file, there is no option on the Columns UI screen
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Nice skin ;D
Using it =)
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you should update your archive here. it is corrupt.
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你太出色了! really an impressive work!
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Love the skin, it's beautiful.

I hope work continues on it though because it could use some improvements, such as being able to show filters instead of playlists would be rad.

Actually, that's all I can really think of. It's great how clean it is though. Definitely my skin from now on
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your link seems dead really want that theme!
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I've got the following error when i try to import the fcl ->


Any idea why? I'm using Windows 7 64bit, by the way.
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u got the newest foobar?
otherwise, try putting this in your components folder
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okay, so i got some things.

1. u shud upload the zip version to Da instead of the 7z file, winRAR seems to compile it wrong or something. and since the majority uses winRAR, but thats just a suggestion.

2. skin looks nice, kind of confusing, but overall nice.

3. how about making the tabs actually work like tabs and not as buttons you click on and off?, so that if i press playlists i actually wanna see playlists, and not having to click "off" lyrics before i can see my playlist.

4. so i found my playlist.. awesome, and i can double click it and it plays my songs... but where the fuck are they?, i messed around a little, and made another playlist, same problem.. then i deleted the new playlist, and bam! i could see my songs... this isn't really userfriendly d:

5. i like it. so don't take the above standing as a bad thing, but as advice to make something better then it already is, good job (:
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Great skin, could you add biography view panel?
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Maybe next version, but i don't promise.
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it marks me an error, that it is corrupted or something like that
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sorry, it is fixed now, thanks anyways XD
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Very nice indeed :)
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ok now i've uploaded the archive to DA.
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wow looks really cool better as the original version and I love the original version very much but this is awesome... but I have one problem, I can't download it (error page) - is the server maybe down or something like that ?
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Hi there...great skin I really want to to try it but when I extract the 7zip file the images don't appear and I'm getting a series of extraction errors...do you know why?

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The archive is correct, try lastest version of 7-zip to extract it.
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