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[YCH] Grem2 Shimeji-ee

EDIT: The OTA slot has been decided! The auction is still ongoing, and ends in four days.

Shimeji are interactive desktop buddies. You can click and drag them around your desktop, and watch them multiply and cause mischief.

Some example images with my Grem2, Cristobal:
Shimeji Preview by JejunityShimeji 1 by Jejunity


No Preview

You can download Cristobal's shimeji here.
Note: You need 32bit java (64bit doesn't work). Read the "Read Me" file for more troubleshooting solutions.
I am currently not offering support for macs, sorry!

Shimeji consist of 46 frames total, and contain 13 unique actions. Understandably, this type of work takes a very long time to complete (~32 work hours, increasing exponentially with more complicated designs! Getting the colors to match frame by frame is especially tedious) and considering I'm still in school and stuff, the turnaround time for shimeji will be very, very slow (I AM hoping to knock this out during spring break, though)! This is just a fair warning.

I'm going to be accepting two slots, each with a different sale type (one auction, one OTA). Also, if you're interesting in seeing shimeji YCH's with other species (birdfolk, snaptraps, etc) let me know in the comments!

Auction Slot Rules

  • Cash only, accepted through paypal
  • Reply to the highest offer in the featured comment chain below
  • Please have the funds beforehand. If you don't have the money to pay the minimum amount or respond within 24 hours, the adopt will go to next highest bidder
  • The auction ends March 10th at 11:59 PM CST
    • A snipe guard will remain in place, for up to 12 hours after bid offers cease
  • SB: 300 USD - MI: 10 USD - AB: none

OTA Slot Rules

  • Reply to my featured comment below to offer || :bulletred: not accepting || :bulletorange: picky, unlikely, or mutuals only || :bulletyellow: OK! || :bulletgreen: preference
    • :bulletgreen: Existing CS Designs
    • :bulletgreen: USD (mainly as an addition)
    • :bulletyellow: Existing One Off Designs
    • :bulletyellow: Points (mainly as an addition) ( 100 Points = 1 USD )
    • :bulletorange: MYO slots for closed species
    • :bulletorange: Customs or Art
    • :bulletred: Solely cash or point offers valued below 300 USD (low cash offers are allowed along with any of the above!)
      • A note that I mostly won't be choosing offered design trades based on value, but rather on how much I like it (or them, if multiple)! (^Q^)b
  • Reply to the featured comment chain below
    • :bulletblue: :bulletblue: ALSO INCLUDE A LINK TO THE DESIGN OF THE GREM YOU WANT ME TO DRAW! :bulletblue: :bulletblue:
    • You may edit your offer to change it, but please don't edit it after I've selected it. dA saves all comment edit history, anyways.
    • If you wish to retract your offer, simply hide your comment.
  • Please have the funds/etc beforehand. If you don't have the money to pay the minimum amount or respond within 24 hours, you lose your OTA slot.
  • The OTA ends when I've selected a buyer. Depending on the design simplicity and offer value, I may select more than one (but unlikely).

Auction Slot Winner - MrGremble 

OTA Slot Winner - Salisburies 

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Prismatic-Angel's avatar
Heyo! By chance would you take a character or a few for one? I know you already have all the slots filled im just trying to find someone who does these ahhh
Edit:  I could possibly offer a grem for one!
junijwi's avatar
Yo! It depends on a) the characters you're offering and b) the complexity of the grem you want done for the shimeji! I'm nearly done clearing my commission queue so I'm willing to consider (esp for a grem haha)

So ye, lemme know what grem you're offering and what grem you want drawn and I'll let you know how it sounds!
Prismatic-Angel's avatar
i would even trade several kids to put edits on myself even (though that might make you a bit uncomfortable even though id delete the base files off haha)
Prismatic-Angel's avatar
Im dying to get one of and possibly another kid but thats probs stretching it haha this isthe grem i have uft although im torn between this and a plush
if theres kids here you would be willing to trade for one id be more tan happy to trade multiples!
junijwi's avatar
Yooo I'd be down to do King in exchange for Venus! Estimated about 2 months for completion time on this if you choose to accept!
Take your time deciding on which offer you'd like, though!

Unfortunately, I didn't see anyone else that caught my eye ;v; thank you for offering though!
Prismatic-Angel's avatar
They declined so I'd like to go through with this omg i cant resist the thought of my sweet king running around and stealing my tabs at times
junijwi's avatar
Cool! Sounds great to me! Tysm aaaaa

I'll note you later tonight with info/questions about the shimeji, I'm out of the house today with light travel haha so it might be a few hours buuut yeah! Also I am cool with doing the grem ownership transfer either before or after I'm done, whichever you prefer.
Prismatic-Angel's avatar
Ill do it after !and okay! I look foreward to your note!
Prismatic-Angel's avatar
It's down to this offer and I'm still waiting on a reply on the other offer but this is lead!
Prismatic-Angel's avatar
Okay! Ill get back to you ASAP with a choice!
CrumchyLeaves's avatar
How do you make these???
junijwi's avatar
sweat tears and blood lmao

you can google "shimeji-ee" and get a lot of existing tutorials!
CrumchyLeaves's avatar
Hmm thanks! 

you are a new idol of mine hahaa
junijwi's avatar
;o; !! aw thanks so much! I'm glad you like my work omg
CrumchyLeaves's avatar
Yeee how big should i make a canvas and how many frames each animation?
junijwi's avatar
If you download an existing shimeji and use it as a 'base', you'll see how many animation frames are required and at what size (you'll need the base programming as well). I wouldn't recommend using mine as a base since I fiddle with the animation coding for my own needs though!
CrumchyLeaves's avatar
hmm... Ill try it out! 

Can i come to you for alittle help if needed??
junijwi's avatar
I can't make any promises, sorry. Also everything I would probably tell you is usually in the 'read me' .txt file included in shimeji for setup anyway!
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l3apis's avatar
Aaaa ;o; These are adorable!
Toydoqs's avatar
Awwww these are perfectionnnnn
CraftyAllie's avatar
Shimejis actually do work on macs if you believe in yourself enough :3c
junijwi's avatar
YEA.. uAu
I kno there's ways to transfer shimeji or that there's mac versions you can move the images to, though idk how custom behavior code would work and also I don't have a mac to personally test it on! Would rather put that disclaimer out there haha...
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