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I'm Juni! I love coffee, rats, and the color orange.

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Realm of the Elderlings

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EDIT: closed ty! anyone wanna buy me Hades ($20) in exchange for any of these designs ToT

Hello, World!

Hello, World!

This event is being hosted on the SITE and DISCORD! JULY 1ST - JULY 31ST The 7th face of Mylic is midsummer, the time when Aria's voice is said to be strongest. July is a month for influence... It seems that this month, inspiration has struck an immanu called Ithika. THE FYSA COMMUNICATIONS RELAY (FCR) An immanu called Ithika is the creator of the server and network which hosts central communications. The server is located in Ichorrai. The network takes advantage of the condensed fysa in the atmosphere to quickly send small amounts of data across long distances (text, not voice). Anyone with a communications device called a Replier can access the chat, however they can lose connection when separated from the main atmosphere of fysa by heading underground, or encountering strong aria interference. The network is simple-- private, one-on-one conversations are not possible, but anyone with the right device can access and relay talk on the channel. Also, fysa can only take a signal so

The Rites of Valor

The Rites of Valor

This event is being hosted on the Site! JUNE 1ST - JUNE 30TH The 6th face of Mylic is the month of the solstice and the month of Heis. Heis is the deity of order, a patron of the Immanu and the guardian of civilization. In respect for Heis on the longest day of the year, even non-believes will partake in the practice of Valorism for this time of the year, to re-align one's luck. It is a time of organization, contemplation, and cleaning. Please check the News Post for more lore information. THE EVENT During this month, you can request a bingo card from the admin team in the #event_signups channel on Discord! The card will be full of randomized art requirements, such as the example below: If a character you own is featured in prompt art (any type of prompt, drawn by anyone) AND the art fulfills the requirements in a box, you can mark off the box! One piece of art can count for multiple boxes. You get 1 Esse for every completed row, plus 3 bonus Esse for completing the entire card

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MidoriEmeraldHobbyist Digital Artist

Hello!! Your art style and designs are just *mwuah* BEAUTIFUL!! <333

junijwiProfessional Digital Artist

srry for the late reply! BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH WAH

Happy birthday! Hope it was nice (F2U) mini cake slice page deco Neko haz cake for u 
junijwiProfessional Digital Artist
thank youu! it was!!
...the happiest of birthdays to you...may the coming year be joyful and  prosperous...X3
junijwiProfessional Digital Artist
aaa thank u so much!
Happy Birthday!