Hey, I'm Junie Thunderlight!

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Glad to meet you! 
I'm Junie Thunderlight, an adventurous, introverted, sarcastic and idealistic artist.
I love rock music, Chinese food and good stories. And questions! Feel free to ask me anything.
always put my heart and soul in my projects. Hope you don't mind if I leave some sites where you can find my crazy stuff below!

Meet The Artist: Junie Thunderlight by JunieT


Motion Book On Madefire

Motion BookOn my gallery

Golden Podium - Sports Academy by JunieT
 My biggest project! A comic!
  I'm creating a discord server for those interested in watching it grow, role-playing with the characters and more.
Send THIS FORM if you're interested!

DeviantArt  Deviantart 

Flag of United Kingdom (2) Icon ultramini  Where my art is


 Where you can find recent art, random posts, memes, polls...

Instagram New Icon Instagram   

 The most recent account I have

 Golden Podium (Wix)  

 Intro to my story (and the perfect way to get to know it)


 To read my stories (Golden Podium, Tierra de Valor...)

 Golden Podium (Blogger)

 This was the site where Golden Podium begun


 Same as Deviantart: my art is here


 Telling the story of my life while drawing. Pretty amusing *joking*


 To purchase T-shirts and more stuff with my art


 To contact me
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