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Redhead girl

The portrait of one girl)
I tired to paint her curly hair >_<
But I'm almost happy with my work)

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A beautiful portrait.

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very cute, do we know the models name?
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Looks so much like Wendy from Gravity Falls!
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That looks absolutely amazing! 
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very beautiful!
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I love redheads and she is one of my favorite! :-) 
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It was worth the efford. Well done.
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Hey Junica o/ <3
I REALLY love your Work and I want to ask you someting: Can I use this amazing picture for YouTube Thumbnails if i link to your account in the description? :3
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she's very pretty.
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Это ведь рисовка с русского косплея на Игритт, кажется. И косплейщица - мисс Мурманск)
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хм, я даже не знала, что она Игритт косплеит х)
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Так. Я сказочный долбоеб.
Заодно вспомнила, что одна из этих фоток прекрасно украсила одну из моих статей про фикрайтеров, кажется.
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Я могу даже поискать Вк-профиль этой милой девчушки. Мурманск город маааленький, знакомая знакомых.
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very skillfully drawn!!

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As a redhead curly(sometimes) girl, I love it!
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It is a beautiful portrait, I really love the hair 
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It looks absolutly AMAZING!
She looks EXACTLY like my RP OC!
Can I please please please use it for refrance? With credit, obviously.
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