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Spike NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!1111111

By juniberries
Ha, gotta love when Spike pulls a Vader! I know I do, which is why I vector'd it. Enjoy ^.^

Download an SVG export from mah stash: [link]
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Unicorn me: Spike.............I am..............YOUR COUSIN!!!!!!!!!
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Darth Spike: she she alright?
Chrysalis(?): I'm afraid your anger you...killed her.
Darth Spike: No, she was alive! I felt it!
*Causes unspeakable amounts of property damage; as for the rest, well the pic above tells all*
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I made an edit of this, I hope you don't mind: [link]
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Not at all!  Help yourself ^.^
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That's my reaction if they cancelled My Little Pony.
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They'll likely do something far worse than simply cancel the show...unfortunately...
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Well, then, that's my reaction if they ended My Little Pony.
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He just found out Rarity's engaged to be married to Prince Blueblood. ;P
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Spike was friend-zoned by Rarity. :iconrarityshockedplz:
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So that why Darth Vader use this in future.
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Alduin: Celestia never did tell you about your father.

Spike: She told me enough. She said you killed him!

Alduin: No, young Dovah, I AM your father.

Spike: What?! That's impossible!

Alduin: Search it in your heart! You know it to be true.

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Good times...
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Why is that so popular?
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Because its funny and cute and funny and cute.
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