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Derpy Muffin Crash!

I guess Derpy got a little bit excited and overshot her mark!

This was created entirely in Illustrator CS6, I came up with the idea over a month ago but silly life got in my way and I just managed to finish it off. This is really my first attempt at a wallpaper which is 100% vectored in all respects. I hope you enjoy this wallpaper as much as I enjoyed making it. If you all prefer wallpapers over raw vectored characters please do let me know and I will focus on them more.

This is a 16:10 scaled wallpaper, which is suitable for:

Click [link] for the 16:9 which is suitable for:
1080/780 HD (TV)

No Background Version!:

(I admit the background is not the best, for those of you who can do better or would like to use other backgrounds, this will easily allow you to do so. Enjoy!)

As always, MLP:FiM is copyright Hasbro and Lauren Faust; shower them in riches and respect for their magical work.
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Do you mind if I use this picture for a Cover Art of a story I'm working on called Derpy's Muffin? It's supposed to be a funny story where Derpy loses her muffin and needs help but nopony will help her, so she goes on a silly adventure to find it. I would be VERY happy if I could!
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You sure can! Please let me know if you need it in a vector format or different size...etc etc. Go nuts ^.^
xXLostInsideDreamsXx's avatar
I just tested it and the size is perfect the way it is. Thanks!
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Sweet! Please link back your work when it's all done ^.^
xXLostInsideDreamsXx's avatar
Ok, here's the link: [link]

I hope you think it's silly, it's supposed to be a Comedy story. LOVE the ending of Chapter 1! XD

Only 1 chapter so far.
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Oh she's OK, she's a tough muffin to crack.!
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:lol: Heh, Derpy sure loves her muffins.

Nice art by the way.
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Awww! Silly Derpy! Too cute and funny!
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She's hopeless. :rofl:
juniberries's avatar awesome!
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derpy's body is all sorts of broken D:
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OUCH! Like an airplane crash. :o
AntoPbo's avatar
Nooooo!!! Saved the muffins
romansiii's avatar
Nice work buddy
andrewtheOwl's avatar
Oh jeez :iconfacehoofplz: That's gonna hurt.
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