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this is not my work, i got it from the trailer they have released today of the game W_D 2, everything is owned by ubisoft bla bla bla ...

update: i've used an slightly higher quality source image and resized it to 300% to get a better pdf result and now uploaded the new version here, improvements are very minimal but it's technically "better".
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Hype for Watch_Dogs 2. The game has a great idea, and has potential. The first one lacked, but I feel now they know what to do with the game, they will definitely improve, and enhance the experience.
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i'm hyped for it also, i 100%ented the first game and really liked it for what it was. if this game manages to be just as awesome as the first game i'm on board, all the extra goodies are just icing on the cake.

i don't know if they can up the awesome defalt character tho, he was just something else.
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I just hope for 2 things
1) Customization other online players can see
2) More activities/ game modes for single player and online.

The game series has potential, and can't wait to see what it does with the new installment with the new city.
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same here,

more customization are always welcome but i don't think they'll let you see other people's customized characters because it's kind of messes up the dark souls style invade system the first game was famous for, you will likely still show up as a normal random npc for other people.

i did enjoy most activities the first game had beside the awful drinking game they had, it would be interesting to see what kind of new crazy ideas they have for those. i'm really hoping they bring back the hideout take over things because those were awesome.