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........... angel

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acrylics on canvas 100x120cm
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© 2007 - 2021 jungsiegfried
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love it. for some reason i thought of Pink Floyd when i first saw it.
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crikey your work is obscenely amazing :]
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20th Century Schizoid Man ,Oh Yesss ...
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Yes, King Crimson is what I'm thinking of to, love this.
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very powerful. . . the colours and emotions are amazing
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I love this, it's gorgeous and creepy and excellent. Great job with the forms, and beautiful colors. :)
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Reminds me a little of Salvador Dali's paintings.
Crazy in a good way.
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This is a very moving and at times disturbing painting.
For what it's worth I think it has more emotion and intensity than Munch's Scream.
It has hope as well as anguish !!!
Magnificent work.
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Oh, getting a King Crimson-feeling here! I like.
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we like this. very expressive.
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absolutely stunning, great work!!

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What a powerful image! So raw! I like the details and the shading. So well presented!
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congrats on your DD for this absolutely fascinating artwork! :thumbsup:
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Massive work of art.. simply love it.. the colors and movment in the painting is very agressive i like it..

keep it up

would love if you could leave your comments on any of my art
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wow..... you know what you do :D that's really awesome!!!
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I am truly inspired by this.
I was just going through my favorites gallery, and I came upon a painting of yours that I had faved quite a while ago. Thought I'd come back to your gallery for another look. I have not been disappointed. I'm going to start watching your work!
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The most inspiring depiction of an angel I've seen on DA. Food for thought.
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that is breathtaking
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