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Magdeburg 2006 --- acryl on wood --- 1,60 x 2,00 m
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© 2006 - 2021 jungsiegfried
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nice work, your work reminds me of my friend nigel's.
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Wow,, it kind of takes you back to before birth/after or something...
makes me think about making choices even though the outcome may appear random it still was made by a decisions...

Great pice and composition, makes my thoughs wander.
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Wonderful! Sick composition.. Real pro stuff... Excellent work...
(Feel free to checkout my profile)
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~direpoetics, how is it offensive to women? Surely the nudity alone does not constitute an offence to all womankind, because in its current state it could be interpreted as celebrating the variations of the female figure.
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This may just be me.. but I find this completely offensive to women.

What exactly is your message?
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yes, looks very reminiscent of soft-construction with boiled beans and other works of dali, but the figures retain more of their humanity.

all the components seem to make it into a maze work.
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This is just amazing- I love the colours and shading, and the wonderfully bent and twisted way all the forms barely fit together. You should make this a print.
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can you say "Salvador Dali"?
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Wow. That's Giger meets Dahli meets Escher meet... the very f@*king surrealisticly weird!!! That's so very awesome painting! :XD:
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magnificent. :XD:
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esto si es arte! Good Job :clap:
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A wonderful amalgam, great blending. It got my attention and held it. And I have adhd. Impressive.
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this is fanbloodytastic!
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Sorry for a double comment here. But after looking at this longer. I realize that it actually is just a giant vagina. Things that relate to it, such as a few male figures, Babies, And of course Women. The whole fish and vaginas thing... oh yeah. The stairways and the open doors.... Welcome In! On the male figure with the foot for a hand... in the upper right corner. part fish too... Umm. Whats attached to his head... Looks to me like the favorite part of all women. Ill leave it at that. Its just a big mess womanhood. I love it. Ive thought about this thing all day. this is my interpretation of the painting... I might be totally wrong. But thats what i think.
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if you look at it from like 20 feet away it looks like a fetus still in the womb.
HibiscusUnified's avatar
ill have to try that. I love this piece. Gets everyone thinking. really engages the viewer.
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whoa! congrats on the dd!
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cool art made up of life drawings
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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woah trippy lol :pills:
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woa so expressive!
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Beautiful! I belive you'll enjoy this artist: [link]

Check it out, it's worth it. You've got an amazing gallery, keep up the good work!
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Beautiful style. Reminds me of an orgy that appears to have been censored down with parts removed.
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