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Silence Power

Silence water on the paper with ink slowly move and extend to a big ink stamp, this is a nature and silence power.
That was why I love to use ink to paint my drawing, because it is not all draw by me, it just like..
Like soul, water, ink and paper created nature atmosphere to finish this drawing.
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Beautiful technique!
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wow...took my breath away!
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This is stunning.
I'm not sure where you are, but how long would it take to get a photo 10x15 to the UK please

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Powerful indeed, and reminiscent of the silence that accompanies deep emotion that cannot be expressed. That feeling is captured here so well and the title matches it perfectly. I love it!
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I love it. This is my desktop background. Faboulos!
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sublime.... I have no words...
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This is a favorite your job and how I see it, so I admire her, and it's so beautiful that you can hang in a white room and meditate ... it has everything
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great work congratulations 
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Great presence emerging from the foggy ink. Niiice
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it's brilliant! both, technique and the silence mood sensed from it!
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Awesome, i am in love with your art!
From Russia with love)))
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wow! Thanks! Happy new year
I am in Shanghai now :D It's a good city
I am in love with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Absolutely beautiful. In looking at all of your pieces I love the way you capture movement. So ethereal.
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