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Comic fan from way back. Enjoy trying to draw wrestling comic art. Far from a professional, but always trying to improve. Old blog was Rants Roids n Rasslin, now discontinued. I've been posting some of the old stuff from that blog here on DA and will continue to do so sporadically over time, along with the occasional new material.

Dabble in Celebrity Wrestling fanfiction in my old Yahoo Group, Arena Island, which archived earlier celebrity wrestling fan fiction. Yahoo has since wiped out groups material reducing them to posts only so it is now useless; sorry. My renewed interest in celebrity wrestling now uses the WWE 2K 18 game and I am doing superhero wrestling now using the WWE 2K19 game. Videos are posted on my YouTube channel at:


I'm now experimenting with using the video game WWE 2K17 and 2K18, etc to create and stream matches via Twitch, using that to capture the gameplay, then downloading and editing onto videos for YouTube. Twitch is essentially a streaming/video capture site for me, so those videos are usually deleted; finished videos are on YouTube. I've been posting screen grabs from the videos and also work in progress here on DA. Please note that YouTube's recent overall of their creator studio and other things related has been totally screwed up and if you happen to go to the home page of my channel you may get the message that "this channel has no content"; just click on the videos tab (this is why I used the link that goes directly to the video page and not the home page of my channel).

And finally, George Bernard Shaw once stated, "In a democracy, people get the government they deserve." It is now more important than ever to exercise your right to vote and return decency and integrity back to Washington, not only in the White House, but in the Senate and House also!

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Supernatural, Smallville (from way back), The Boys on Amazon
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A Confederacy of Dunces, The Devil in the White City, Havana Nocturne
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Edgar Rice Burroughs, Rex Stout
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PS4 soon to be PS5
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Based on the number of views from the DA links used with the image description, it's obvious that WWE 2K videos aren't that interesting to the vast majority of watchers, which isn't an issue since I'm simply sharing what I like and what is created from those likes. The two images posted today will the the last with video links here on DA. For those who are interested, you can contact me via a note here on DA and request that I send you video links when they become available. To recap The Compound series, there are 3 different locales, The Compound which is the original site using the swamp arena in 2K20. This arena has entrances but no victory celebration at the end of the match. The Compound Brooklyn using the deserted gym location has both entrances and victory celebrations. The Compound Gym has neither entrance or victory celebration and is based in the wrestling school arena from 2K20. All location feature no audience and no audience sounds and the wrestlers gear is barefoot
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looks like it's not exactly the cup of tea for the DA audience. As mentioned in my last journal, these are unlisted videos on my YouTube channel and I thought the best way to provide the link would be in the description of the screen grabs. Regardless, I'm forging ahead, unveiling another match with three screen grabs featuring Seth Rollins vs X-Pac. I'll also add matches from my Black and Brave Invasion concept, where the wrestlers meet in a conventional ring with conventional gear.
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Well, this is going a bit slower than I thought. Anyway as mentioned in my last Journal, I'm trying something a bit new in video format. To review, here are the groupings for the videos as of now: The Compound consisting of matches from the original swamp arena Compound plus what I am calling The Compound Brooklyn and The Compound Gym with all three having no crowds and crowd noise. The BxB Invasion consisting of matches in the Seth Rollins Black and Brave Arena where wrestlers travel to Davenport, IA to challenge my favorite wrestler. LA Underground with matches coming from the Los Angeles Wrestling Arena. The last 2 have the traditional crowds and traditional gear. Since the videos are unlisted what I will be doing is posting a screen grab and in the description, a video link (if that works, if not I guess it will be via Journal entries). So, given that I have posted a grab of the Seth Rollins vs Jack Gallagher match from The Compound, I'll start you off with that match. Hey,
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Great stuff. Was trying to find the old Gotham series with Batman losing his belt to the Lil General and others. Can’t locate it. Can you post here?

Thanks for the Watch!! I've been a fan of your for a while!!!

No problem; I've been watching via bookmarking your page for a while now

J'aime surtout vos splendides dessins!

will nightwing and robin fight each other?

It depends; if you are talking about comic art panels, not anytime soon, since I'm mostly using the WWE video games for stuff these days. If you are talking about my WWE 2K Universe matches, they will meet up in the Gotham Wrestling Association Universe.