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Eventhough it seems to be a fictive picture, this scene is really true.
De facto this illustration is really intimate.
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This is just beautiful. I love the usage of the colour.
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i fel this alot.............. i still wonder whats the reall meanin behind it............... i am Sag, so feel it has something to do with me..
i love deeply n darely n hold close to what i believe in n love!!
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Simply beautiful!
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This is a very touching piece.
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you have a really nice style, classic, yet stylized.
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your beautiful artwork has been featured here: [link]
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Hello! I wanted to let you know that this image has been included in my journal post Feature Friday #3: Centaurs.
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I want to cry now and then go frolick in the forest for some odd reason....

This is amazing, i can't get over how gorgeous the deatils and the simple colors make it so delicate and natural... and the style is awesome!!! very unique and amazing.
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Oh thank you very much, I'm deeply moved by what you wrote here :)
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you're welcome, this was a really, really great thing to look at after seeing someone's 'edward vs. Noseferatu' demotiv poster get first page. >.>
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Ahahahah !! I understand ;)
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>.< twifection! Everyone run for the shelter!!! LOL
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Oh my god... all their body positions are so perfect!
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...this made me cry...

... personal stuf...
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hi!your work is featured in my journal:)
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I'm gonna be this picture's proud 1000th favorite giver :)
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vous m'inspirez ♥
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I almost missed the little green leaf beginning to grow on her heel but HAh! I caught it! This is an amazing piece, both touching and inspiring! Beginnings and ends! I'm now completely in love with your work! Any chance that your inspired by Guillermo Del Torro? He's one of my favorite fantasy directors and artists.
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