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we don't stop only for we do
fight fight fight
super powered and right

mattered not how we failed
we could do more than we knew
living off butt change got us through

trading cards and data
getting kill with green slipper
we could not run any quicker

hiding inside the world we had
run run run
never will we have so much fun

wandering the street not lost
but lost within ourselves
magic gestures and arcane spells

year that fell to place
to the woods and to the street
wasn’t til it past it was fleet

passing not a come and go
go go go
the moments made the soul grow

throw to the ground to throw you
pity doesn’t taste so bad
imagine the world we could of had
i just kinda wanted to write this and this is the place where i keep my finished work. it is not that great but it means a lot.
thats what people are like though, loving something because of nostalgia, what it means to you.

its not that great but it has things in there i do not want to forget
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Submitted on
September 3, 2014