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Does anyone know what happened to Alex? (his DA name was: asdfghhjkl) He stopped posting in 2012 and now his account has been deactivated.
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Dear my DA friends Since my last post the progress of my health continued. I still get the same medication, and it seems that I'll depend on the injections etc. for the rest of my life (and that's ok... as long as I get them). In November last year I started a part time job (24 hours a week). I like the work and it brings back some normality into my life. And in summer time this year I was able to go to work by bicycle (a normal old fashioned one, not an e-bike). And there were just a few bad days this year, but there were no longer episodes of my illness. I still dream my jungle dreams every day and I want to thank all the artists and the nice guys here at DA for sharing their art and bringing a lot of excitement into my life. And very special thanks to all artists who are doing artworks about me as the strong and brave jungle girl. This helped so much especially during my very bad times some years ago, and all these fantastic artworks are brightening my life. I know that some
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Dear my DA friends Thank you so much for all your kind words and your comments and good wishes! Just a short update: Since my last post, the diagnoses is still the same, it's anautoinflammatory disease of my immune system which destroys my nerves especially in my legs and my feet. They tried out different types of medicine, and I had daily injections until March this year. In that time I had many ups and downs. Since last year I'm officially heavily handicapped (wow!). In March this year there was a heavy fall back and since then I'm getting a very strong medicine (thanks to my insurance that they pay for it, because it's really very expensive), and I'm getting additional weekly injections and additional medicine against the side effects of these injections, and so on. Overall I'm substantially better since May this year. The nerves are recovering slowly, and I'm able to walk longer distances, up to 30 minutes, which is a great progress. I'm optimistic that it will continue
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Thanks for all the faves, dear Anja.

Hello Jungle Queen! Thanks for the +watch

Thank you for sharing your art with us, Arlena.

You still make real handmade drawings and you have your own drawing style. That is both something remarkable nowadays.

I like your drawings because many of them have a winking humor and make me smyle and create a good mood 😉

Thanks for watching :)

Hello how are you