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Dreamland firefox

By juneyong
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To have perfect Tab performance you need install Extensions:"Tab Mix Plus" [link]

02/09/06 -->update to FF1.5.0.1

Dreamland concept by Rokey [link]
Dreamland WB by yingjunjiu [link]
Dreamland VS by IoriQ & zinph [link]
Dreamland Firefox skin by me

Tab Siderbar [link] mod by me
Compact-menu [link]
Tab Mix Plus [link]

Wallpaper by grevenlx [link]

Special thanks Rokey for give me his permission!

Enjoy! :)
© 2006 - 2021 juneyong
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This would be awesome if it was for FF3
zerotonine's avatar
man, please update this so it becomes applicable to Firefox 2! that'd be great! :please:
Caziban's avatar
not compatible with 2.0 :/
AndrewDBarker's avatar
:cries: It doesn't work in the latest version of Firefox 2. :(
AndrewDBarker's avatar
It doesn't work in the latest version of firefox. :cries:.
simple,DRL is a good place for fan.
Any chance on an update for 2.0?
i installed but nothing happens..still the same :x
why? i followed instructions in readme..
justinworld21's avatar
nice! is the visual style shown available? please?
Sorry my comment's a tad late, but I just have to say that it's absolutely gorgeous!
I would really like mine to look like yours, but I'm having some problems:
--My tabs are not smoothed out and rounded, but rather jagged
--Also, the icons on the tabs themselves seem to be too big for the tab and spill out onto the navigation bar
--For some reason, my bookmarks toolbar is also missing. I've enabled the toolbar to appear but I can't drag anything onto it.
--Last thing (sorry!), I also tried to use compact menu, but whenever I opted for the entire menu to be gone, I'd still have a gap there.

I've already restarted Firefox multiple times and tried tweaking with the Tab Mix plus options. I'm not sure what else I could be doing wrong. Do you have certain dimensions specified for your Tab mix +? I'm obviously doing something wrong.
I included some screenshots :)
Thanks so much and once again, it's fantastic work!
p.s. I'm using Firefox

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That's the problem I'm facing, after a fresh xp install and installing those extensions, my tabs look just that way.

I used it before this computer and I had these problems. I think I fixed it by messing around with the system fonts via windowblinds, but it's not working anymore...
sasikiran's avatar
thanks a lot juneyong :D. using it right now. :+fav:
juneyong's avatar
thx sasikiran :hug:
bangboombang's avatar
After the last update to (german) your skins don`t work any longer ; (

Any updates ? I don`t wanna miss your skins ; )
juneyong's avatar
wait :), i will update it
bangboombang's avatar
it's so nice.
I'm very like it.
but it can't use in the version.
can you slove it ?
juneyong's avatar
already update :)
CLanez's avatar
hi! this looks very beautiful! will you be updating it for version 1.5? Have a good day ^_^
juneyong's avatar
this is for 1.5, dont you try? ^^
5an's avatar
Nice man~ :blowkiss:
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