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UPDATE: trying to get this turned into a t-shirt over at Ya'll should pop on over and give it a vote: [link]

Yeh. It's the Nyan Cat.

I can't honestly say I take this piece seriously. At all.

ever. (though it is the first traditional piece I have done in a while and I must say the line art alone looked swell: [link] )

But come on you'd be ravenous too if your limbs were attached to a giant pop tart!!!

**if you have never been acquainted with the infamous "Nyan Cat" then thank god. If you are curious: [link]

Edit: because so many people had a problem with me saying it's traditional I changed it. The deal is I do all my lines traditionally and I base it off of that. I'd. that's how it is. so...yeh. big whoop.

***Edit #2**: So um...yes I am aware this thing is floating around the internet. Well go figiure- its an image- EVERYONE can see it. Sucks that i wasn't credited on but whatever.. Thank you for letting me know though. Pass on the good word!!! : [link]
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He swallowed an iPad and shat a rainbow. Love it!!

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Omg is he spitting out a hairball?
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o.o rabies

you did a good job XD Rabid Ren animated icon Nyan Cat intensifies nyan schijter ZOMGGG 
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You have a wonderful imagination!
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This... this is true art *wipes away a single tear*
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Like with all stars, Nyan Cat is clearly sick and tired of the world and it shows XD.
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Awesome work, really brings a real furious Nyan Cat.
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Hissing while pooping rainbows!? Lol
Omg.....sooo cute !!!! <3 *puke rainbow and dies*
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Coooooooooooooool *-*
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cool!:-D Can someone come check out my first da entry? my username is mlo13
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LOL I love this! Nice.
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Fucking Hilarious. Haha.
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looks like it has rabies or something.... Nice work!!:)
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Lol. I'm not taking it seriously either. Great job
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A tip for artists wanting credit is that places like Memebase (like Ebaumsworld, who is/was notorious for it) slaps a watermark on it, calls it their property, and doesn't give the original creator any credit or recognition.

Just have to remember that most image-sharing sites are run by fame-whores :/
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(Spacis catus) Nyan cat. Considered to be one of the gods of the Internet. It's said if you see this creature it shall grant you eternal life.
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kill it with fire!!!!! lol
nice drawing =D
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haha I saw this and almost spit my water out i was drinking. hilarious.
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... I find this rather disterbing
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