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Info here:…

I`ll leave the list open today, please send applications to my email^^

portraits by JuneJenssen
Masterstudy Thumb by JuneJenssen

Voiceover video tutorial on Master Studies up on my Patreon! 

You can also buy it on my gumroad:
Here are some of my recent painting timelapses^^

---  --- 

20 min Voiceover tutorial on painting 3 different hair styles and types - from sketch to completion. 

Come watch me flip and zoom around canvases! :D

Want some voiceover tutorials? Care package with art, coloringpage and letter? :D consider supporting me on Patreon!

patreon by JuneJenssen
Come watch me flip and zoom around canvases! :D

Hey! I`m participating in Inktober this year, and in addition to making the ink drawings each day i am also recording the process! Go to my youtube channel to watch my attemps to be an inky artist^^…

  Watch my process video of making Polymorph<3

Here`s the video for the Winnie painting: 

Go check out my timelapse of my painting process of making Jae`yu:

Commissions info! :D


Portrait - 55 USD  

    Jerry by JuneJenssen  Magenta by JuneJenssen  Sketch of Tiffany by JuneJenssen   Commission: Adamira by JuneJenssen  Kaz by JuneJenssen  imp by JuneJenssen  Pentagon by JuneJenssen


Half- 70 USD

Commission Kenna by JuneJenssen   Commission: Kalastra by JuneJenssen      Princess Crowlee by JuneJenssen  Commissio: Nini by JuneJenssen  Valkyrie Mercy by JuneJenssen  Commission: Jadie by JuneJenssen  Isaliah by JuneJenssen  Speedpaint video: Angua Von Uberwald by JuneJenssen


Full Body- 90 USD

Rooby by JuneJenssen  Commission: Sarene and Kanderil by JuneJenssen  Commisson Yana by JuneJenssen  Commission: Tia 2 by JuneJenssen  Magical Mystery Tour - unfinished by JuneJenssen


Note! All these prices are subject to change depending on the character, theme and level of detail. 

How i operate:
You send me a note or email( saying "Heyhey Mr. Junebug, plx give me a slot, i needz some artz!!!" (or something like that:P (Lick)), i give you a number in the slot list. After we`ve discussed what you want i start sketching and send it to you for edits/approval. Then I`ll send you a Paypal invoice and start the painting process, sending you regular updates on my progress:) (Smile) After i have received payment i will send you the finished painting as soon as possible.


Watch me paint this: 

Speedpaint: Red by JuneJenssen


I`ll upload timelapses of me painting stuff! Link:D

I did a speed painting test! :D

Its super short, but i just had to try out the software and such:) I`ll record more in depth stuff and whole paintings soon, hopefully^^

Thank you so much for the lovely birthday whishes^^ I had a very good birthday, bought myself some slippers and makeup, and then me and the manfriend went to see the Warcraft movie. I loved all of the mage stuff and the orcs were cool, but thats about it for me:P 

But coming back from the cinema i got a surprise! The super sweet :iconbelvane: has gifted me a deviantart subscription!!! What a kind thing to do, i really appreciate it<3 AND ITS ALSO HER BIRTHDAY!! Go give her some love^^


My health is still bad, so i can't open commissions yet:( Hopefully i`ll get some progress with the doctor`y people... Everything is so slow. But i`m hopeful and am looking forward to when I'm all better:) 

- June <3

Sketchcommissions by JuneJenssen

Send me a note or an email at

1. finished  Sketch commission: Rose by JuneJenssen
2. finished  Sketch commission: Ary by JuneJenssen
3. taken
4. taken
5. taken

How i operate:
You send me a note or email saying you would like to buy a sketch, and i give you a number in the slot list. Please send me a description of the character and what kind of commission you want. Ref images are a plus:) I´ll send you a low res sketch and a paypal invoice, and after i receive payment you get the full resolution sketch of your character:D

- June <3