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  • June 21, 1993
  • Russia
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Hi! My name is Julia. My character's name is June Duck. June - that's me in a cartoon world. Sorry, I can not write in English, so I use Google Translate.
I have Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

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Tiny Toons, classic Looney Tunes
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cartoons, drawing, photography, comics, history, healthy lifestyle, etc.
Hello. Again I would like to talk about my many problems with my mental health… I would appreciate your attention. I understand that this will not solve my problems, but sometimes it is necessary to speak out somewhere, because it is very difficult to bear the burden of experiences alone. Since the coming of autumn, my state of mind has deteriorated again, for my disorder worsens in autumn and winter. With the arrival of spring, I may feel a little better. And now I am going through a period when my depression is consuming me a lot. As many people know, I have a severe personality disorder and a rare form of social phobia that covers all areas of life (I never had real friends or just acquaintances, I am isolated from social life). My disorder is incurable. Also, medicines don't help me, because I don't tolerate it well and have problems with physical health (and, as you know, such drugs have many contraindications). In the fall, I took a course of antidepressants prescribed by a
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Physical pain

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Hello everyone who are interested in my art and my thoughts. I thought for a long time whether I should write this post or not, but sometimes there comes a time when it becomes difficult to live alone with your problems. There is a need to share with someone, especially if there are no people around you to talk to. A year ago I faced a very strange health problem, namely with severe pain in my teeth and gums. This pain can be very severe and sore for weeks without interruption. Sometimes I feel better for a couple of days, but somehow the pain comes back again. The worst thing is that the cause of the pain has not yet been established. I have done many examinations and visited many doctors. My teeth and gums are healthy. The cause of the pain may be hidden in a complex form of neuralgia, but at the moment doctors cannot diagnose me and begin treatment. I don't know how to describe the despair I feel. Visits to doctors cause me enormous stress (as you know, I suffer from social
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Commissions are open! I will also introduce you to some of the price changes. A colored drawing without a background: One character - $ 15; Two characters - $ 20; Three characters - $ 25; Four characters - $ 30. A colored drawing with a SIMPLE background: One character - $ 25; Two characters - $ 30; Three characters - $ 35; Four characters - $ 40. I draw: - Fan-art; - Original characters. I do NOT draw: - Adult themes (i.e. sex scenes, alcohol, drugs, etc.); - Comics; - Pictures with more than 4 characters in them; - Pictures with complex and detailed backgrounds; I can also refuse an order if the plot of the drawing is not interesting (incomprehensible, difficult) to me. Send me a note if you're interested or have any questions.
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wow i love your drawings keep it up :clap:

How are you? Do you accept requests or art trades?

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Thanks So Much