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Headshot/Profile pictures: $15

Half body/Badges: $20

Full body: $25

Character design: $35

Artistic liberty character designs: $30

Reference sheets: $40-$50 depending on complexity

Additional characters: +$5-10

Shading: +$5

Background: +$10-$15 based on complexity. Simple backgrounds such as patterns or shapes have no fee.


This is digital art, and therefore no physical items will be sent.

Customers must be 18 years or older to commission a piece. I will ask for ID to make sure the commissioner is of age.

Contact must be made through email at @therealjunebugjamboree@gmail.com

Service can be denied for any reason deemed necessary. I will check the commissioner’s page to see what kind of things they post, before any further contact is made.

All payments must be in USD.

I usually post the final image to my own page upon completion. If the commissioner does not want their artwork posted, then they must say so during the commissioning process.

The art still belongs to me, as I made it. The watermark must not be removed and credit must be given. Failure to comply will result in blacklisting from future service.

Aside from that, the commissioner can still use the art in any non commercial way. Commercial use will result in blacklisting from future service.

Full payment must be made before the commissioner receives their finished artwork. Payment must be made within 48 hours of me asking, although this can be negotiated. Unexcused non-payment will result in termination of service.

The expected time to produce the artwork ranges from 1-3 weeks.

Upon first messaging me about a commission, customers must say the password to confirm that they read the terms of service.

Rude behavior, harassment, hate speech, complaining about/haggling prices (this includes asking for free artwork), and attempting chargebacks on Paypal will result in temporary or permanent blacklist from future service.


Commissioner must provide a digital reference sheet with at least a front and back view of the character, an open mouth (if applicable), and visible feet and hand paws. Any details on the character that will be transferred into the commission piece must be present on the reference sheet. If any details are left obscured, expect artistic liberty to be used to fill in gaps. Failure to provide a proper reference sheet will result in refusal of service. Traditionally drawn reference sheets will not be accepted unless there is a digital equivalent color palette. Be sure to write what color is for what part, and make sure that the writing is legible. If traditional is the only method that can be used, then a good quality picture or scan must be made of it. Bad quality images will be rejected. Exceptions only apply to custom character design commissions.

Keep in mind that traditional reference sheets are less likely to be picked.

Good example of digital palette equivalence:

Good Example


To get a custom character design, a description may be used, but it must be very detailed.

Good example: “I want a pale yellow rabbit character with a large, dark brown splotch over her eye and on her ears. Her belly marking should be white and reach from her collarbone to her crotch. Her feet should have orange sock markings that go up to the knee, and her hands the same, except they’re brown. Her eyes should be purple with pink accents, and her nose should be pink and heart shaped.

Bad example: “i want a blue dog with tiger stripes thats rainbow and also give it a funny hat plzzzzz.”

Artistic liberty character designs can have a species, a color palette/theme, and a one extra detail added, and then no more. The extra detail can be a hairstyle, an accessory, or a specific marking.

Artistic liberty character designs and reference sheets will include a front and back view, a view for the face and mouth, and (optionally, to additional charge) one to three outfits.


Commissioners are allowed 3 minor edits and one major edit for free, but afterwards, there will be a fee. Edits will cost more depending on which stage of the drawing process it is currently in. Larger edits will also result in a larger fee. Major edits in the final stage can be refused. Major edits are when the before and after images barely look like the same image. Minor edits are where they’re clearly the same image.

For reference:

Major Vs Minor


All commissions will be paid for through PayPal via either invoice. No exceptions. Payment must be made upfront. Payment must be made within 48 hours of me asking, although this can be negotiated. Unexcused non-payment will result in termination of service.

WIPS (Works in progress):

I will send a Work in progress to the customer at each stage of the commission, from sketch, to lineart, to completion. WIP images will be heavily watermarked, reduced in size, and have a noise filter applied. Full resolution will only be provided after full payment.


Full refunds will be given if:

-I can’t complete the commission at any stage.

-If production hasn’t started

-If the project has started, but I can’t finish it.

Once the sketch has been completed, only partial refunds will be given unless I am at fault for the commission falling through. The partial refund smaller the further along I am in the commission process unless it is my fault the commission has fallen through. If I am to blame, the commissioner has the option of a small discount the next time they try to commission me.

If the commissioner does not respond in at least 1 week of contact, the commission will be dropped. If they contact me after that window, they will lose their slot, and they will have to wait until I open again. If it happens again the next time, they will be blacklisted.


Works in progress will be heavily watermarked, and the final drawing will have a smaller watermark. The watermark will not be removed, and the commissioner must not remove it. Failure to comply will result in termination of service.




Feral creatures

Mythological creatures


Cel shading

Animal Crossing

Neko Atsume

Slime Rancher


Fanart (depends on fandom)


Anything that isn’t on either list.


Complex machinery

NSFW/Fetish art

Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss

Dream SMP


Hate speech or offensive imagery

Heavy religious themes

Cultural Misappropriation, especially characters that are intended to be w*ndigoag

And finally, the password is Kabstaboodle.

Always ask if you’re not sure!

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