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Full Name: Yoko Kitamaki
Also Known As: Yo-yo (by Akira)
Race/Species: "Age Shifter"
Sex and Gender: Cisgender Female
Age: 16
Birthday: May 5th
Birthplace: Synchroni City
Current Residence: Stopwatch Nursery (starts at her mother's flower shop)
Current Occupation: High school student and part-timer at the nursery. Still helps at family shop sometimes.
Heritage: Would be seen as Japanese, but it takes place on an alternative Earth with different countries and such so...
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Languages Spoken: English
Religious Beliefs: She has no effing clue.

Abilities, Skills, and Powers: Her 'age' is fluid, changing when she's stressed to her toddler form. Other skills include climbing trees and understanding flower language.

Notable Strengths: She's reliable and organized.
Notable Weaknesses: She lacks flexibility oftentimes.

Physical Appearance: As a teenager, Yoko is average height with an athletic build. She has dark brown hair that's straight and long, left mostly by itself to the middle of her back with two pieces of hair kept in high pony-tails going to the same length. She has large, equally brown eyes, and a light but still visible scar on her right shoulder in the form of a large bite mark. As a child, she has shorter hair (to her shoulders) and her pigtail parts are half the length of the rest of her hair. Her scar is more prominent, due to being 'fresh'.

Usual Attire: As a teenager, Yoko prefers denim to most cloth- she wears jeans and often a denim jacket over some solid tee-shirt, and always has long sleeves even in summer. As a child, she mostly wears simple skirts or shorts, along with graphic tees.

Inventory: She always has her wallet (with ID, the flower shop's business cards, and cash), a small notebook she writes about loal plants in, her keys, and school handbook (which doubles as a scheduler).

Vehicle(s): She has a street bike and has no interest in actual vehicles (though might end up riding Yuki's eventual motorbike with him).

Personality Details: Yoko is a reliable and somewhat short-tempered girl with a fondness for flowers, animals and children. However, even if she has a soft spot for kids, she can be equally intolerant towards them if they break the rules, which she feels strongly about. However, despite lacking a flexibility towards rules and the like, Yoko is very considerate of others and has a tendency towards empathy with their emotions. She makes a lot of flower/plant puns.

Backstory: Yoko lives alone with her mother in a flower shop within a shopping arcade, where she's lived since she was born. The flower shop was run by her father and mother after they eloped while her mother was pregnant. Her father mysteriously died when she was very small, and she doesn't remember him well, but her mother speaks fondly of him regularly. She grew up trying to help take the load off her overworked mother, and has had a fear of dogs since being attacked by one as a toddler, where she needed some surgery for a gash on her shoulder (where she has a scar).

Close Friends: Yuki Takenaka and Akira Hayashi. She's also close to Yuki's younger sister, Yume.
Worst Enemies: She hates Yuki's grandfather due to his treatment of Yuki.
Known Family: Her mother, whom she's close to (who feels bad that Yoko's grown up so worrying about her).
Habits: Makes a lot of flower puns, often argues with Akira, etc.

Likes: Plants, kids, animals (especially cats), milk and cookies.

Dislikes: Dogs (due to fear), people that tell her to 'take a break', people who bully.

(everything below here is optional-- pick and choose depending on if it qualifies.)

Phobias and Mental Illnesses: A severe phobia of dogs and PTSD from the dog attack as a child. Also suspected OCD.
Physical Disabilities: Her right arm has always been weaker due to phantom pains that come if she thinks about the dog attack (there's actually suspected nerve damage, but she refuses to believe it.)

Theme Song(s): Will decide later (but keeping this for that time)

Miscellaneous Trivia: To be added.
Yoko's the only girl in the main trio (not that that's a huge deal). This is her profile using the same profile setup I used for Yuki. I edited his to add the city name I decided on finally, which I decided while working on her's. It's a pun. Yay!
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Nemo-krad Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016
Like the character you've come up with here ^_^
Juneberry-chan Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! I work hard on my characters...mostly in torturing them.
Nemo-krad Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016
Was about to say that's good to hear, until I read the part about torturing them XD
Juneberry-chan Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
xD What? It's fun. And part of my job...Kinda. xD
Nemo-krad Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2016
Eh, fair enough XD
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