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I'm a lazy person and bad at talking about myself...So here are some things about me via stamps :D

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Peter Max
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Extraordinary Measures, CJ7, Eden of the East, The Adjustment Bureau
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Inu x Boku SS, The Mentalist, MAD, Recorder and Randsell, Lucky Star, maaaaany others.
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Yuki Kajiura/See Saw, Ali Project, Kamelot, Elisa Toffoli, Lenka, There For Tomorrow, etc.
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Magic or Madness, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
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Robert Frost, Justine Larbalestier
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Harvest Moon, Rune factory and Pokemon
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PS3, Wii, 3DS...Computer.
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Pen/Paper, MS Paint, ComiPo!, Photoshop, SAI, Scripped, etc.
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Norse mythology, writing, drawing and roleplaying.


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I think the purple water is an interesting touch, but I'm not sure whether it's a good or bad thing. It certainly draws the eyes, and blends well with the Whirlipede. To me, there's only one thing that complicates things and makes me uncertain about the map: You have a rather high amount of trees and plants on the rocky surface surrounding the water. Generally speaking, it's hard to imaging so many trees and flowers growing on what looks like a stone texture more than dirt. However, I do like the general layout- especially the shape you made the water area.

One other tip to me would be extending the dirt path up above the bridge too, where that Venipede is. It feels like it ends kind of abruptly otherwise.
Unova Mini-Maps : 049, 050, 051
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Okay, so my first thought when I saw this was "OMG AMAZING". Seriously, it pops off the screen vibrantly and I really just want to hug this Dragonite to death. I'm especially infatuated with that eye- though to me, the shine in it at the top feels slightly off, the way you did the iris and pupil overall is really amazing, and fits the title perfectly!

To be honest, the only thing I think I can say for constructive criticism has to do with certain colors- particularly the background/star. While Dragonite surely pops out easily, especially thanks to that nifty white lineart around it, the background kind of blends in a bit too well with Dragonite's skin...And the star from the wink is kind of bland in comparison. Other then that, perhaps using a different color for your signature would help- as the one you used looks too similar to the shine used on the skin tone and can play tricks on people.

Though I'm also writing this and looking at it with a migraine in progress...So it could be that. But it's still food for thought!

My last note is about the left hand (er, paw? claw? What do we call these anyway?!). While it's easy to see what the pose was you were going for, I find that the bottom digit/finger/nail thing...Looks too curved. I've always seen them as nail-like claws- meaning the likelihood is, they don't bend the same way as our fingers do. So to me, it kind of feels like either something happened to that poor Dragonite, or it should be a bit more pointed even it it's pointing more at the chin. That's just my personal thought on it though.

Outside those notes? This thing is amazing. The vibrant shading, that adorable face- I don't think saying it's 'amazing' even does it justice! Well done, for certain. You've got yourself a new fan in me!
I think it's a rather lovely design myself- I just didn't see the full image at the time. I'm glad I was able to help!
Doll Weapon [Ryshin] - Semi-realism [First]
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A stunning piece overall, I think my favorite part of it is the background- it's got a gentle feel to it, but great detail makes it shine. However, in my personal opinion, the background slightly outshines the majority of the figure it's behind, though that could be my imagination trying to figure out what's going on back there as well.

In regards to the eyebrows, which you noted in your artist comments wanting some input on, I think perhaps adding a bit more shading- much like you did with her hair, which is much more feathery and real, with pieces frayed like a regular person would have- would be a good way to make them blend in better with the style. At this stage, they're a bit flat compared to the rest of the face and hair.

Otherwise, I think you did a marvelous job- especially on the shine of her eyes, lips and cheeks. Her face in general is alluring and easily draws attention- which is a good thing. I'm a bit confused by the vest of sorts around her neck that opens at the chest, but that's just my brain. I think the shading on it is lovely, besides my confusion.
Doll Weapon [Ryshin] - Semi-realism [First]