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I miss all the time I had in here.. by JuneArtCraft19 I miss all the time I had in here.. :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 27 12 || You'll Let Me, Won't You? (FA) by JuneArtCraft19 || You'll Let Me, Won't You? (FA) :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 43 4 || Say My Name [ Collab w/ Ash ] by JuneArtCraft19 || Say My Name [ Collab w/ Ash ] :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 28 2 || I'm Fine, Why Ya Asking? by JuneArtCraft19 || I'm Fine, Why Ya Asking? :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 30 3 || Bloody Child by JuneArtCraft19 || Bloody Child :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 20 3 || Texting || by JuneArtCraft19 || Texting || :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 55 13 || My Guardian Angle || [ Gift made by Ash ] by JuneArtCraft19 || My Guardian Angle || [ Gift made by Ash ] :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 44 17 || It's my Brthday || by JuneArtCraft19 || It's my Brthday || :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 47 40 || Two Cuties || ( AT ) by JuneArtCraft19 || Two Cuties || ( AT ) :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 41 5 || What does E-Y-E-S spells? A FlipaCliP Animation by JuneArtCraft19 || What does E-Y-E-S spells? A FlipaCliP Animation :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 29 2 || See Ya Later Georgie ~ ! || by JuneArtCraft19 || See Ya Later Georgie ~ ! || :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 52 17 || try to do WORST next time || ( FA ) by JuneArtCraft19 || try to do WORST next time || ( FA ) :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 51 9 || I Just Wanna Hit Someone Super Hard || ( vent ) by JuneArtCraft19 || I Just Wanna Hit Someone Super Hard || ( vent ) :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 35 4 || you're not good enough || ( vent ) by JuneArtCraft19 || you're not good enough || ( vent ) :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 27 0 || The MAPEH Teacher || by JuneArtCraft19 || The MAPEH Teacher || :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 61 7 || Don't call me cute okay? || by JuneArtCraft19 || Don't call me cute okay? || :iconjuneartcraft19:JuneArtCraft19 56 13


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" You're born in this place to be AWESOME not to be PERFECT "

" Never Stop Dreaming "

YouTube :…

My Amino :


I miss all the time I had in here..
Hi everyone ~
...umm...hehe I'm not sure if anyone here still remembers me or am I being too exaggrated
.....well I've got to say that I've grown a lot in this place and I met a lot of people in here that helped...I'm not sure ho pr what I am without this place and the people around it

You may be wondering why I left...well not active
It's because....well those people that helped me...well...most of them aren't here anymore.... the others moved to a different social media....while the others....*sigh* I don't know what happened to them....

So yeah...this place is really something
Looking back at my art *chuckles*
I'm glad I could share it with you guys, to everyone that still remembers me, Thanks
And well just thank you to everone *sobs*

....until next time ~
|| You'll Let Me, Won't You? (FA)
Hey guys!
Just a quick fan art for my new ship 😍
Before this ship sails, I am proud to say that I'm one of the first to ship them ❤


YTC :…
My Amino :
So....I was taking a peek on my gallery and...well I was looking at my old arts because I was planning on creating a special video where I re-draw an old art^^
But then as I was looking around...I read the comments (mostly my vent arts)
And then....I cried, both joy and sadness..... 
Joy because...a lot of you took the time and cared about lil ol me....and so many support ; - ;
I don't get much of that in real life...even if this is just in the net....I'm still thankful that you would care for a stranger like me<3
Now I'm sad....because I miss those times where this place was so alive...I miss those old friends that I always get to talk too....we were so close back then...but now......*sigh*
I missed a lot of this...and I regret not cherishing it more.
Anyways.... thank for all who supported me from day one and up until today, I will do a proper thank you for you all <3
Anyways...things happen...I missed a lot and regret so much....but I am me now and I'm okay....still missing those parts tho ~
But I will stay strong, because that's what you taught me :heart:
I love every single one of you ~
I hope evryone is alright and I'll be praying for your safety <3

If any of you guys are still interested with my art you can't go and check my 
YTC :…
My Amino :

You may DM me on my amino ^^

Now it may seem all of a sudden but I've been meaning to deactivate from a very long time now... but I can't, up until I'll be keeping this account since this is very dear to me because this is where I started and for me to be able to comment and look at my friends and inspiration's artworks ~

If you guys have any concerns I'll be replying to them...probably the next week (with I doubt anyone has...well probably just a little)

Then again thank you for everything ~ !
I'll still update this account from time to time ^^
|| Say My Name [ Collab w/ Ash ]
Video :…
:iconjuneartcraft19: & :iconastermerveilleux:

I'm so happy that I get to collab with someone very specialt to me ❤ ( I'm his first too!!! )
Also fun fact, Ash is also my very first art collab ( digital )

I JUST CAN'T GET OVER ASH'S PART!!!! >\\\\\< (fangirl alert)
(Haha if your going to comment can you do it on our youtube video?)
|| Bloody Child
 She was an accident, this was supposed to be a sweet lil'bean but then someone (by someone I means Jason BUMPED ME!!! I mean why do people do that whenever you're drawing?!) Anyways I really like how it turned out ~ ! x3 ❤

YTC :…
My Amino :
|| Texting ||
G'day Dreamers ~ !

Here's a little practice ^^
Made this on the MediBangPaint app ( finger draw )
This is my mane persona MoinAleo19 <3
The one responsible for everything! 

Anyways I'm super proud about this TT u TT ( xD I always say this xD mostly )
Also Haha xD proud to say I made the background!!!!  Finally x'DD
I'll practice more background soon~


YTC :…
My Amino :
|| My Guardian Angle || [ Gift made by Ash ]
Prince Ash made this for my birthday TT u TT
Thank you so much for this and the message you sent me ~ <3
There's nothing else that I can say...I just love this so much~!
But I more love the one who made it ~
By the way thank you aswell for everyone who greeted me and gave me art gift Q w Q
I can't thank you all enough!!!
I will do my best for y'all ~ !
We  will be taking request :)
Nico and June

Please follow this if you want your request to be accepted

Comment this
• ref. ( it's okay if it's just a drawing of your character )
• little thing/s about them ( characteristics, personality, hobby, etc..)
• request for pose or scenario
• request style ( anime, chibi, cartoon, toon, furry )
• (ans. This) Why should we accept your request?
And what makes your character different from the others in here?

Not that:
-This is a request so Please be patient
-Don't be mad if we didn't accept your offer ( we'll do a request base on your ans. And your character )
-We can choose whether we will draw your character in digital or traditional and also the style
- max. Request per person is 3


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