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QuickView is a tiny picture viewer application.
Supported .bmp,.jpg,.gif,.png and animated gif picture format.

DOWNLOAD LINK :: QuickView-3.0

'Download File' link of this page is dummy.

Please read the `readme.txt'.

some previews:

preview's picture: Come Along by ~kissthewake

::UPDATE::08.01.2010:: v2.0
Bug Fix: The window flickers fixed.
Bug Fix: Minimize to taskbar fixed.
Feature: Set window title in configuration file.

::UPDATE::28.01.2010:: v2.1
Bug Fix: The window flickers fixed. (again)
Bug Fix: 'New Window' file select dialog fixed.
Bug Fix: 'New Window' could not load .ini file fixed.

::UPDATE::09.12.2010:: v2.2
Feature: Show/Hide window caption in configuration file.

::UPDATE::24.02.2012:: v2.3
Feature: Add some shortcut keys.
Feature: Show/Hide window title text in configuration file.

::UPDATE::10.04.2012:: v2.4
Bug Fix: Problem load PNG picutre after another picture type.
Feature: Enable/Disable minimize button on titlebar.

::UPDATE::31.05.2012:: v2.5
Bug Fix: Problem load images, when file name extention has upper case / lower case combination.

::UPDATE::19.12.2012:: v2.6
Feature: Show/Hide picture file name on title text in configuration file.
Changed preview picture.

::UPDATE::21.12.2012:: v2.7
Bug Fix: Problem load image has space in filename on startup.
Feature: Add 'readme_jp.txt' and 'QuickView_jp.ini'. (Translated to Japanese)

::UPDATE::21.01.2013:: v2.8
Bug Fix: Problem load configuration file has space in filename.
Feature: Show/Hide taskbar button.

::UPDATE::26.04.2020:: v3.0
Feature: Support animated gif and window transparency by nandemonogatari:iconnandemonogatari:
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Is there a way to make it a default viewer in Windows 10?

Thanks a lot Jundai, i really like how simple and clean it is!

I added animated .gif support, transparency and some other stuff to it. If anyone is interested in that, here's the link:

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That's a great update.

I will update comment of QuickView.


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is there a way to make it auto resize images?
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sorry, it's no way.
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Nice. Also a excellent one is the viewer from picasa. Picasa is crap, but the viewer ist fantastic!
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enjoy this app. :)
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Nice La la la la Love I am a dummy! Clap 
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Just found this app, love how simple it is.
Thank you :D
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Thank you for comment.
please enjoy!:D
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can you set to open at a different % size?
great program
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Thank you:D
function of open with a different size  is not implemented.
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Its a big default 
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Please, I love this program. How do I set this as a default picture viewer for windows 7
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thank you i've been searching this app for month and finally found it
THANk YOUUUULove :happybounce: Hug 
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I glad you like this.
please enjoy!:D
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very nice...:D (Big Grin) Love :happybounce: La la la la 
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please enjoy!:D
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Looks great. I like the simplicity of this.
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please enjoy!:D
Nice image viewer! Can you add option to zoom with mouse scroll?
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