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Magnus Bane

By JumpKayaJump
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So tireeeeeed... And sick as well. Great.

Magnus Bane from some book I've never read, but fell for him just by description by my friend.

Sketch and colouring in Paint Tool Sai, effects added in Photoshop CS3. Cheap Genius tablet.

Anyway, hope you'll like :heart:
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yay let me put me glitter on and i'll be right over!
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I believe he would be glad if you did so ;)
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i wanna go Maggy!
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Magnus Bane! :'D <3
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Love read the book its awesome
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Absolutely LOVE this, especially all the colors in the background and his expession
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I see that you posted this in 2010, so I hope you read the books by now so you can know just how awsome he is :) I luv him so much
I love Magnus. And this is exactly how I imagined him to be! :)
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awesome! it's totally magnus! so cute!
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lol love the 'glitter' button XD
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cool magnus. one of my favorite characters :)
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omg this totally matches how i thought of him this is completely awesome and for someone who hasn't read the books great job
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Thank you very much^^
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*¬* OH MY...MAGNUS!!! Too hot *___________________* I LOVE HE!!
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Party everyday!!!!!!! I love Magnus Bane so much!!!!
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love this! man this is good! why is everyone so good at tablet art. xD hehe he looks asian <3
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Well, I'm still an beginner at digital (I prefer traditional) so there are far more better tablet artists out here. But thank you for the comment, means a lot. :heart:
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traditional as in painting, pastel, or...?
is the background a photograph or did u draw it? cuz it looks real. and how do u draw skin tones on digital? do u just change the color to get the shading or are there specific skin tone effects? (sorry ive never draw with a tablet before. parents wont buy me on. im waiting for college so i can buy my own and try it out)
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Traditional as pencil, pastels, watercolour, etc., so yes.

It's a photograph found on Google. (lost the link) - it was also a challenge 'cause I didn't know how to put 2 pics in one before. ^^;

You had to switch colours, of course. You have so many effects and brushes (you can 'cheat' as well with them) but not for this. It's just like painting, really.

If they won't buy it because of the tablet price - I have Genius tablet, which is one of the cheapest, and you can get it for about 50€. Wacom tablets are expensive but awesome. It pays off only if you're drawing/painting professional, though.
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ah i see :wow: (<- and as u can see my 'genious' brain has finally figured out how to use the emoticons)

aw that seem so complicated. i was never very good at planning ahead. and its very hard to erase paint

thanks for the suggestion ill add that to my list of "necessary things for college" xDDD
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