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SMM Chain-Link Fence

By JumperInc
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And yet, we have ourselves another sheet.
This time: Chain-Link Fences.

They originally appeared in Super Mario World (1990-1992), occasionally appearing in castles. Mario can climb (and punch) while on the fence, and can switch to the other side via punching the fence gate (has a blue colored border). Enemies can also be found climbing said fences.

The different colored fences (and gates) for SMB3 are for Underground and Castle, while the SMW is an alternate version, which is my interpretation of what it could look like in Super Mario Maker.

Probably the hardest thing to make from this would be the Gameboy variations, funny enough. Despite the simple look, it can be hard to pull off.

I'm not really happy with the final design for SML2, but it's fine the way it is.

And finally, there is a bonus tacked onto the sheet.
These are the 8x8 tiles I've used to assemble the fence and fence gates, and I felt it should be helpful to anyone in case the already provided tiles weren't enough.


(c) Nintendo -- Mario Series
(c) Random Talking Bush -- Ripped SMM Assets
(c) nsun & Sunny Cassette -- SML Tilesets
(c) Raccoon Sam -- SML2 Tilesets
(c) Mariofan230 -- SMM PixelArt Materials - Template
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Please add the SMB2 on

SMM Chain-Link Fence

Please don't act like Mariofan230

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Why are you asking for a SMB2 version, anyways?

And what do you mean by, "Please don't act like Mariofan230"? Not accepting requests?

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Just check my notes.