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If you enjoy my work, please do consider hiring my illustration services. (Commissions closed until mid June 2024).

For business inquiries please reach me through Discord: BrnBlx#7653 or DM.

Be well, be kind and if you can, try to support living human artists. How can you do that? Buying their art, hiring their services and spreading their work around. Thank you.

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Going back to simpler times with a simple traditional pen and ink video I recorded last month. But first some thoughts on the subject of inking. In terms of ink I've been using Vallejo indian ink for a while and it has proven to be a good ink when you don't want to consider much the quality of the paper stock you are using. So, if you just want to practice your inking on a sheet of printer paper with any kind of nib (like I did in the video) Indian Ink is the way to go. I just mention this because in the past I tried other kinds of ink, like the Yellow labeled Pelikan China ink and it would just ruin any paper lighter than cardboard. This is for nibs, for brushes, paper quality doesn't matter much, as you can ink with a brush in any kind of paper without loosing line quality, but there are other factors to consider like in terms of cleaning your brush thoroughly, Indian ink is also better because of the way it reacts to water, it just goes off very easily when compared to other
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A sped up video of a character painting commission, done with ipad pro (2017) + Procreate with Apple Pencil, edited in our good old Windows Movie Maker. The time-lapse feature on Procreate is a pretty cool way to capture my working process. Clipstudio paint also has such a feature, but I'm yet to fully explore it. This piece was created for Legendary Games book Arcforge - StarPath If you want to get the book, please consider using my referral link: Arcforge - StarPath by Legendary Planet Games Be well and stay tuned for more.
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Just some random thoughts on a topic that comes up occasionally when speaking about digital art. People often go after their favorite artists in order to learn which brush they use on a specific piece. I used to side with the 'it's just a tool, who cares' group, mostly because I usually work with the most standard tools available in the painting software of my choice at the time, tinkering a bit with the settings, but not much more than that. But...after some more experience with drawing 100% digitally I came to the conclusion that yes, indeed, the brush you choose does matter quite a bit. Truth be told, it's just about the same with drawing traditionally, you have your preferred paper stock, your preferred pencil hardness and brand, the same goes for ink, brushes, quills, etc; basically as you experiment and learn how to handle these materials, you begin to browse between the ones you find more comfortable to work with. And I believe, this way, the artist does build up it's inventory
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I decided to do a journal post after not realizing if people are actually reading the stuff I posted the other day under the SUBMIT -> POST functionality here on DA. So...last year I decided to put together a small book for children. You can read about it in this small blurb: In 'Silly Animals to print and color' you will find an assortment of 25 crazy animals and other creatures in different situations, all of which you can print and color at your heart's content. A fun and lighthearted selection of drawings for all ages that will, hopefully, help on the task of cheering you up and maybe develop your own stories and adventures around them. You can get the pdf here: https://payhip.com/b/cElL Also, if you really, really are short of cash, PM or send me an email and I'll give it away for absolutely free :). Stay healthy and all the best! PS: I forgot to mention that I made a 'buymeacoffee' account the other day, https://www.buymeacoffee.com/brunobalixa So, if you have an
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Thanks for the llama

Thank you for dropping by. All the best.

Your welcome and back at ya

Thanks for the Llama !

Thank you for the llama!:)

Thank you so much for the watch, I appreciate :)

Brilliant gallery btw : great details on skins, with a special like for your dwarves ;)

Thank you for sharing, cheers