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Daff Gets Rocked

After 8 grueling days my efforts bear fruit! I'm still new to the whole "actual background thing so Critics welcome! make me learn! also Xenith vs Daff! also I DO NOT OWN MLP Hasbro does
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This is now the wallpaper on my phone ^_^
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um wow, really?
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Yep, it was Calamity for a while but I changed it to this.
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damnit. I literary just past this part not five minuets ago. If i had looked it would have been a perfectly fitting surprise.
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It's amazing how a Fan Fiction is generating it's own Fan Art. Great job.
Blaireau-Garou's avatar
don't mess with the Fallen Caesar style :]
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Bitchin! lol I cant believe it got a mature content filter. For sure worth the wait!
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This turned out really great, your background really came along nicely since I saw it last.
1) Is the yellow one supposed to be on the large side? It's just really round, all around...
2) Not 100% sure, but it does not look like the yellow one's front legs are coming out of his chest like t-rex arms. Might even be accurate, but in heavy scrutiny I'd say it looks off.
3) Not sure if I should be focusing on the background but the shadows are off. They are inconsistent throughout. Like the one shadow going into the ponies' shadows then not coming out the other side but it IS on the ponies themselves.
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1) no clue what you're asking in this one
2 upon closer inspection you are correct; he has T-rex arms. I'm going to need to pay closer attention to proportion from now on.
3) yeah not going to lie I kind of rage quit the "caring about the background" department after the 5th draft of that shit. which means I need to do a ton more backgrounds to strengthen my skills there.

thanks for the input!
AK71's avatar
Lol. Love the expression after a swift buck to the chin
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Awesome action shot! I particularly like the expression on Daff's face. I'm glad that the arena is nice and open, more like I imagined while reading.
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Someone's going to need a dentist (or would have if he had actually survived).
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nice kick to the chops Xienth :3
ManiakMonkey's avatar
DAMN! That came out awesome, nice job ^^
ManiakMonkey's avatar
No problem ^^

Did you read up to the latest chapter? I want to try drawing Xenith and co using the new potion she has
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Scok it to him!
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wow fail... Sock*
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