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Moonless: Chapter 2, part 2
Someone had gently grabbed her shoulders and was shaking her. She didn’t have the energy to move.
“Nassy, wake up.”
It was like being smothered under a pillow made of rocks.
“Nassy, yeh gotta… Th’Count’s gone.”
With a huge effort, she forced her eyes open. It was the middle of the night. The moonless sky had cleared into a thin fog. The brightest stars just poked through, illuminating O’Chunks’ silhouette over her. But despite the rain passing, a sprinkle of water hit her face.
“Don’t cry, O’Chunks,” she mumbled. “It’s unprofessional.”
“Oh, thank the stars yer okay,” O’Chunks rubbed his eye. “I’ve lost yeh too many times today, hah…”
“Where’s the Count?”
“I can’t see good enough,” he sniffed. He flicked his flashlight, the beam crossing the ground where the Count had been. “He
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Moonless: Chapter 2, part 1
O’Chunks sat with his head in his hands. He shivered in the cold wet air of the morning. His scars ached- it was going to rain. And their tent was in tatters. Without shelter… it was rough when the Count got sick, but if O’Chunks was out of commission, the other two would be left defenseless.
Nastasia was talking quietly, but he wasn’t sure if he had the strength to deal with vampires right now. Even under the bandages, the hole in her neck gave her voice an eerie, high-pitched wheeze. He thought he’d lost her… He’d been taking their safety for granted. Travelers’ customs or not, he’d just stupidly assumed he could deal with anything… And now she was hurt. And something had happened to the Count. He couldn’t say what.
He’d utterly failed.
“O’Chunks,” came Nastasia’s labored whine. “I need you to pay attention.”
He shook his head. “Yeah, Nassy.” He wiped his bro
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Moonless: Chapter 1, part 2
So it was just Doyle and O’Chunks.
O’Chunks sized up his opponent silently, his hands working at the dishes on autopilot. Running his towel over the inside curve of the bowl and then the outside was second nature by now. He liked to think he would have made an intimidating bartender. Maybe in a coffee shop. But alas, that was for another lifetime.
Doyle was prodding at the fire idly with a stick, the same way Nastasia did when something was on her mind. Calculated jabs that teased out bright embers.
“What were yeh doin’ out on the mountain all on yer lonesome?” O’Chunks asked, his brow furrowed. He wished his eyes worked better, so it would be less obvious that all of his attention was on Doyle. Escalating tension would only start conflict. And none of the three of them had the energy for that. He just wanted to have a not unpleasant night and get the stranger out of their business.
Doyle smirked and threw the stick into the fire, tracking the embers
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Moonless: Chapter 1, part 1
It was well into autumn in this world. The leaves were brilliant shades of red and orange and had turned the whole mountainside into a sunset. The color was lost on O’Chunks, in the night, but Nastasia kept her head turned upward, watching the dry leaves rustle against each other. The hazy clouds and the unnaturally muggy air reminded her of when she’d died. She wasn’t sure if this world had a moon, though. She remembered the moonlight.
There wasn’t much to talk about, that night, so the three of them walked together quietly. Nastasia had offered to lead the way in the dark- no point in asking O’Chunks to stay in front.
Count Bleck does not see why his two minions decided to waste time on this frivolous endeavor,” the Count spoke up from behind her. He’d already said that, twice now. She sighed. He might be getting sick. She could practically hear O’Chunks shrug behind her, but she knew the Count’s focus was on the pag
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hi guys.

that’s all for arc 3. i’m going to take a break and post small things on the tumblr page for a while, and then we’ll start up with arc 4, “o'chunks joins,” sometime in probably august. i have to prepare for a big exam before i can start the next part of the story.

if you have any comments or suggestions, my ask and submission boxes are both open as usual.

i would say i’m really looking forward to drawing this next part of the story, but honestly i’m excited to draw all of it. i’ve learned a lot about drawing comics this last half year, and i know there’s still so much more i can keep improving. i’m going to take a minute here to talk about the structure and goal of “filling the void,” now that we’re into the meat of it.

the story as it is now will be just under 300 scenes total. some of them will get very long, especially toward the end. this means i’ve got my work cut out for me for the next few years, but i am making steady progress. there will be 9 parts total, with 6 and 8 by far the longest. arcs 8 and 9 are concerned with the game’s events.

as i was putting the plot together i realized that this story is going to focus on related but different themes from the game, despite loosely following along with its events. i feel like i’ve wanted to write this kind of story for a very long time but didn’t have a good vehicle for it. i hope the kind of “message” it sends rings true to you guys.

i have very much enjoyed writing for these characters so far and i hope you guys have fun continuing to read it. thanks for sticking with me while i draw lots and lots of little pictures of video game characters.


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